FRP (factory reset protection) Solution 2023

Almost everyone has some kind of security on their phone to keep other people from getting into their information. This comes in the form of fingerprints, lockscreens, face unlocking, and more. While these are effective at keeping your information safe, they can be a nuisance when you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your phone.

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The “factory reset protection lock,” more commonly referred to as “FRP lock,” is a security feature that is found in certain Android devices. When a device is restored to its factory settings, it will prompt the user to sign in with their Google account and input their password. This feature’s purpose is to prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to a device.

This helps to protect the data that is stored on the device in the event that it is lost or stolen, and it also ensures that the device can only be used by the person who is legally entitled to do so. If you have forgotten the login and password for your Google account, or if you are unable to access the device because of the FRP lock, you may need to seek assistance from the device manufacturer or a professional service in order to unlock the device. If you have forgotten your login and password for your Google account, click here to reset your password.