Motorola Moto C Plus XT1721 FRP File & Pattern Remove 2022

The FRP File for the Motorola Moto C Plus XT1721 may be downloaded here. Firmware ROM from the manufacturer. The Motorola firmware file is the original file, and it is included in the scatter file, which explains how to flash and install drivers using SP FlashTool. Here’s how to flash a Motorola phone using a Scatter file, which is detailed below. manual on how to flash.

Motorola Moto C Plus XT1721 FRP File & Pattern Remove 2022

Motorola Moto C Plus XT1721 FRP File & Pattern Remove 2022

XT1721 FRP File & Pattern Unlock
SP Flash_Tool v5.1736
MTK Usb Driver

FRP Bypass Motorola Moto C Plus XT1721:

Download the FRP File and Mediatek Driver for the Motorola Moto C Plus XT1721.

  • Select the scatter file from the provided flash file in the sp flash tool.
  • Select the above-mentioned format.
  • After that, choose manual format flash from the drop-down menu.
  • By pressing control + F, open the scatter file in the firmware folder and look for FRP.
  • “Begin address” and “format Length” should be copied and pasted into the manual option
    (Begin address 0x6a00000 and Format Length 0x100000)
  • Pattern Unlock Code
    (Begin address 0xcd000000 and Format Length 0x60000000)
  • After that, connect the phone to your computer by pressing the Start Play button

How to Unlock Motorola Moto C Plus:

first download the Motorola Moto C Plus XT1721 file and install the Mediatek driver.

Then charge the phone to 30% before flashing.

  • To begin, download all of the files listed above.
  • From the zip file, extract all of the files.
  • Run flashtool.exe from the FlashTool folder.
  • After that, launch the tool and go to the download agent tab to choose a download agent.
  • Then, from the FlashTool folder, choose the MTK AllInOne DA.bin file.
  • Then, on the scatter-loading file tab, pick the scatter file from the flash file folder by clicking Select.
  • Then choose “Download” from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, turn off the phone and connect it to Flashtool.
  • Press the button and connect the data connection to the phone according to the phone’s boot mood.
  • After the flashing is finished, the green tick choice will appear.

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