Download SP Flash Tool V6 in Windows & Linux 2024

SP Flash Tool Download For All MTK Devices Is An Application that Allows for Flash Recovery, Custom Recovery and in extreme cases (flash recovery, firmware update or unbrick bricked Android device) for MediaTek Android smartphones that utilize MTK chipset. Please visit our Downloading Section if your MTK based device requires scatter file loading to function effectively.

What Is an SP Flash Tool?

Smartphone Flash Tools serve as intermediary applications between Android phones and PCs, enabling you to easily flash Stock ROM, Pre-Resource files such as recovery settings or configure control features on them.

Download SP Flash Tool

Smart Phone Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool) Features

Flash Stock Rom: Flashing MTK-based Android devices with scatter-based firmware is fast and straightforward with this method; furthermore it enables downgrading or upgrading of device firmware with just a few clicks!

Flash Recovery: SPFlash Tool makes flashing custom recovery on any MTK-based device easy and efficient; simply enter its scatter code for entry, locate recovery.img image file to flash, and flash!

Memory Test: With SP FlashTool’s Memory Test feature, users are able to conduct RAM and NAND Flash memory checks on external storage drives as well as mobile devices for successful memory checks! Download now to ensure a successful memory check!

Parameter Setting: Users can quickly read and write parameters on device devices for reading/writing on these, for instance quickly accessing function data for Oracle Transaction Processing (OTP) areas with ease.

SP Flash Tool All Latest Version (Smart Phone Flash Tool) V6 For All MTK Devices

SP Flash_Tool v3.1222

SP Flash_Tool v3.1224

SP Flash_Tool v3.1248

SP Flash_Tool v3.1304

SP Flash_Tool v3.1312
SP Flash_Tool v3.1316

SP Flash_Tool v3.1324

SP Flash_Tool v3.1326

SP Flash_Tool v3.1344

SP Flash_Tool v5.1343

SP Flash_Tool v5.1352

SP Flash_Tool v5.1420

SP Flash_Tool v5.1436

SP Flash_Tool v5.1452

SP Flash_Tool v5.1520

SP Flash_Tool v5.1524

SP Flash_Tool v5.1528

SP Flash_Tool v5.1532
SP Flash_Tool v5.1540

SP Flash_Tool v5.1736

SP Flash_Tool v5.1804

SP Flash_Tool v5.1812

SP Flash_Tool v5.1816
SP Flash_Tool v5.1820

SP Flash_Tool v5.1824

SP Flash_Tool v5.1828

SP Flash_Tool v5.1836

SP Flash_Tool v5.1844

SP Flash_Tool v5.1904

SP Flash_Tool v5.1912

SP Flash_Tool v5.1916

SP Flash_Tool V5.1922

SP Flash_Tool v5.1924

SP Flash_Tool v5.1952

SP Flash_Tool v5.2020

SP Flash_Tool v5.2028_Win

SP Flash_Tool v5.2044

SP Flash_Tool v5.2052

SP Flash_Tool v5.2104

SP Flash_Tool v5.2112

SP Flash_Tool v6.2120

SP Flash_Tool v6.2136 (New)

Download latest SP flash Tool for Linux V6:

Linux all Version
SmartPhone v5.1728 Linux
SmartPhone v5.1744 Linux
SmartPhone v5.1916 Linux
SmartPhone v5.1952 Linux
SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2044 Linux

Readme: Download MTK SP Multi Port Download Tool (all versions)

How to flash micromax D321 flash using sp tools

How to flash micromax flash using sp tools

How to Use SP Flash Tool on your Laptops or PC:

  • First install drivers on both PC and Laptop and enable Developer Mode and USB Debugging on your phone by following this guide. Finally, cut off your phone.
  • Save both Stock ROM and SP Flash Tool folders somewhere safe before opening Smart Phone FlashTool and running SP Tool as Administrator to complete installation.
  • Select “Scatter-Loading” within SP Flash Tool and enter where your scatter files reside on PC. Typically they should be found within an extracted Stock ROM folder – navigate there first before selecting Android_scatter_emmc.txt as this contains your scatter files for this ROM version.
  • Select “Firmware Upgrade” from the drop-down menu and click Download. Connect your phone directly to a PC using its USB cable while making sure it is off before connecting the phone itself to it.
Download SP Tool (Smart Phone Flash Tool) For All MTK Devices
  • SP Flash Tool auto-detect your phones and the process will start. If the SpFlashtool isn’t recognized or detects your phone then install VCOM driver. After install the Vcom driver reconnects your transitioned phone with the PC. If you phone again not recognized by your SP FlashTool then attempt to flash via the Meta mode flashing process, here is Meta-Mode flashing guide.
Sp Tool Flash

Note: Please Make Share If You want to Flash it The Device is Corrupts. Make sure no power interruption takes place.

First downloading Stock ROM on your phone by flashing. After the processes completes, a green ring will appears. Now disconnect your updated Smartphone.

Readme: Download SN Write Tool (all versions)

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