Grand Piece Online Map GPO (January 2023) Update 5

GPO map This article contains information about GPO 2023, the Grand Piece Online Map GPO 2023. Everyone has enjoyed playing the Roblox Grand Piece Online game; however, we are not aware of the GPO map. If you are looking for a GPO map or do not know about it. In this article, we’ve shared the details of the Grand Piece Online Map GPO and GPO codes with you.

Grand Piece Online also known as GPO in a simple way. It is an online Roblox game. The popularity of the game can be measured by its players. It is among the most popular Roblox games, with more than 1 million users. A new update has been released in gpo codes which includes maps updates. The most recent GPO update has introduced numerous new features, Grand Piece Online Codes and maps to the game.

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Grand Piece online map GPO

Here’s a two-piece online maps GPO map & gpo codes .

  • First Sea Map
  • Second Sea Map

The pictures of these two Grand Piece Online Map – GPO maps are listed below in order that you’ll be able learn more regarding GPO maps. GPO map.

GPO First Sea Map:

Grand Piece Online Map GPO (November 2022)

There is marinefort g-1 Coco island, gravito’s fort arlong park, fishman cave with sphinx islandd, trade island, the mysterious tower, the island of elo, orange town barattle, shell’s Town, the island of roca, the islands of Zou the island of kroi Sanora, marinefor f-1, beginner’s town gpo codes.

GPO Second Sea Map:

Grand Piece Online Map GPO (April 2022)

It is possible to see sashi Island as well as desert Kingom. Rovo islan, rough water spirit island, reverse mountain on this map.

Island NameAvailable Items For BuyLevel (Recommended)Droppable Items
Fishman ColosseumAny
Orange Town50+Buggy Cape (10%)
BaratieBlack Leg40+
Coco IslandDisable Jambe,
Geppo Trainer
Land of the Sky (Skypiea)Kenbunshoku Haki,
Fishman IslandFishman Karate190+
Marine Fort F-1Any
Sandora10+Bazooka > (25%)
Town of BeginningsRowboat, Caravel,
Den Den Mushi, Potions, Wooden Plank, Hammer, Cannon Balls, Wooden Shovel, Shotgun Cannon Balls, Pistol, Rifle
AnyEye Patch > (50%)
Sea Serpent (Rough Waters)200+Sea Serpent’s Core>(1%), Slayer’s Armor Set > (1%), Random Fruit > (3%),
Seabeast Katana > (5%), Slayer’s Mask >(1%),
Gravito’s Fort160+Hoverboard > (1%), Gravity Blade > (5%), Gravito’s Cape > (5%),
Roca IslandOne-Sword-Style,
Reverse MountainEternal Pose345+
Arlong Park70+Kiribachi > (5%)
Sphinx Island65+Gorilla King Crown > (5%)
Island of ZouMink Combat
(Electric Fighting Style)
30+Carrot > (50%)
??? Shrine325+Word Scroll
Neptune’s Throne230+Neptune’s Trident >(1%), Neptune’s Crown > (5%)
Ryu’s Palace210+Shark Necklace > (5%), Ryu’s Blade >(5%)
Shell’s TownGalleon, Hammer,
20+Metal Jaw >(25%)
Marine Base G-1240+Marine Captain’s Cape > (5%), Captain Zhen’s Cape > (5%), Bisento > (1%)
Mysterious CliffRokushikiAny
Kori IslandBusoshoku Haki80+
Fishman CaveBubbleAny
NameRecommended LevelPurchaseablesDrop
Rovo IslandAnyNoneNone
Desert Kingdom325+Eternal Pose, Karoo Mount, Karoo FoodKingdom GuardsKingdom Guard Outfit (20%)Crab King Cho
Cho’s Crown (5%)
Crab Cutlass (1%)Pharaoh Akshan
Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape (5%)
Golden Hook (5%)
Sashi Island325+2 Sword StyleMusashiMusashi’s Hat (5 attempts)
Musashi’s Rose Katana (5 attempts)
Musashi’s Crimson Katana (5 attempts)
Musashi’s Karuta (5 attempts)
Spirit IslandAnyBusoshoku V2None
Colosseum of ArcAnyNoneNone
Rough Waters325+NoneSea SerpentKraken
Foro IslandAnyKenbunshoku V2None
Thiller Bark425+Vel’s LanternRyumaRyuma’s Outfit (1%) Ryuma’s Scarf (10%) Shusui (1%)Ryuma’s Soul (75%) Borj [[Knight]s Gauntlets]] (1%) Borj’s Armor (1%) Borj’s Soul (50%) Moria, The Shadow King Moria’s Outfit (1%) Moria’s Tophat (5%) Moria’s Scissors (1%)Moria’s Necklace (5%)Bat Swarm (1%)
Soul Kings ShipAnyNoneSoul King/BrookSoul King’s Outfit (1%) Soul King’s Top hat (5%) Soul King’s Violin (5%) Soul Cane (1%) Soul King (Rockstar) (10%) Soul King’s Guitar (1%) Soul King’s Shades (5%) Soul King’s Top hat (Rockstar) (5%) Soul King’s Rockstar Outfit (1% Soul King’s Scarf (0.5%) Soul Cane (1%)

GPO Map >Location

GPO Map 2. Sea Place of Availability

  1. Winter Wonderland (level – 350) (level 350) Purchaseables >> Everlasting Pose Drops > Gift of Shield or Festival Shield and of Outfit / Santa’s Outfit, Gift of Outfit / Santa’s Outfit and the Gift of Tall Hat / Tall Elf Hat and Gift of Horns or Reindeer Horns and Gift of Rudolph or Rudolph’s Hat of Beard / Santa’s Beard, Gift of Beard / Santa’s Beard The Gift of Armor of Armor Bell Armor, Gift of Scarf/ Peppermint Scarf of the Season, The Gift of Tree / Festival Tree Hat and the gift of Lancer or Festival Lancer
  2. Colosseum of Arc – Any Level
  3. Desert Kingdom (level – 325)– Purchaseables >> Eternal Pose, Karoo Mount, Karoo Food – Drops > Kingdom Guard Outfit, Cho’s Crown, Crab Cutlass, Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape, Golden Hook
  4. Spirit Island (Any – Level)– Purchaseables >> Busoshoku V2
  5. rough Waters (level 325 – 325) – Drops >> Sea Serpent Kraken
  6. Sashi Island (level – 325) – Purchaseables >2 Sword Style drops > Musashi’s Hat and Musashi’s rose Katana Musashi’s Crimson Katana and Musashi’s Karuta

GPO Land of the Sky Map Locations

  1. Sky Town District 2 (level 100)– Purchaseables >No Drops – None None
  2. Sky Colosseum (any – level)– Purchaseables >Potions – Drops None
  3. Malcom’s Lair (level 45)– Purchaseables >> > None – Drops Malcom, Shotgun (5%)
  4. The Tree (level between 125 and 120) – Purchaseables >Skypiean Glide Ability Drops more than Bruno Bazooka and Burn (5 5 %)
  5. Heaven’s Gate (any degree) – Purchaseables >None Drops None
  6. Golden City (level – 155.0)– Purchaseables >Kenbunshoku Haki drops more than Enel, Golden Staff (5 5 %)), Tomoe Drums (1 percent)
  7. Sky Castle (level 111) 110) – Purchaseables >> > None – Drops Head Guardian Head Guardian, Guard’s Helmet (5 5 percent), Skyblue Katana (5 percent)
  8. Sky Town District 3 (level 135) – Purchaseables >No Drops – None None
  9. Sky Town District 1 (any level) – Purchaseables >Potions and Drops None

GPO Sea of Phoeyu Map Locations

  1. Sphinx Island (Level 60) – Purchaseables >No Drops – None Gorilla King Gorilla King Crown (5 5 %)
  2. Coco Island (any – level) – Purchaseables >Diable Jambe – Drops > None
  3. Arlong Park (Level 80) of)– Purchaseables >> > None – Drops Arlong, Kiribachi (5%)
  4. Fishman Island (Level 190) 90) – Purchaseables >> Fishman Karate Drops > None
  5. Roca Island (any level) – Purchaseables >One-Sword-Style Katana Drops > None
  6. Elo’s Island (Level – 250) – Purchaseables >No Drops Elo the Bunny. Elo’s Hammer (5%), Hoodie (5%-25%), Rainbow Halo (5%), Wonder Balloons (5%)), Star Shades (5 5%)), Mini Bunny (5 percent)
  7. Orange Town (Level – 50) – Purchaseables >> > None – Drops Clown, Buggy Cape (10%) Clown, Buggy Cape (10 10 percent)
  8. The town of Shell (Level 20)– Purchaseables >> Galleon, Hammer, Potions Barrels, Drops Logan, Metal Jaw (25 25 %)
  9. Kori Island (Level – 80) – Purchaseables >> Busoshoku Haki Drops > None
  10. Ryu’s Palace (Level 210) – Purchaseables >> > None – Drops Ryu, Shark Necklace (5 5%)) Ryu’s Blade (5 5 percent)
  11. Baratie (Level – 40) – Purchaseables >> Black Leg – Drops > None
  12. Colosseum (any level) – Purchaseables >No Drops – None None
  13. Mysterious Cliff (any level) – Purchaseables >> Rokushiki Drops > None
  14. Marine Basis G-1 (Level 244) – Purchaseables >> > None – Drops Flame Admiral Zeke Marine Captain Cape (10 percent) Captain Zhen Captain Zhen’s Cape (5 percent), Bisento (1%)
  15. Gravito’s Fort (Level 160) – Purchaseables >No Drops – None Gravito, Hoverboard (1%) Gravito’s Cape(5 5 %)), Gravity Blade (5 percent)
  16. Sea Best Rough Waters (Level – 200) – Purchaseables >No Drops – Drops Sea Serpent’s Core (1%), Slayer Armor (1%)), Seabeast Katana (5 5 %)) and Slayer Helmet (1 percent) Random Fruit (3%)
  17. Sandora (Level – 10) – Purchaseables >> None – Drops > Lucid, Bazooka (25%)
  18. Fishman Cave (any – level) – Purchaseables >Bubble Drops None
  19. The Throne of Neptune (Level 233.) – Purchaseables >No Drops – Drops Neptune Trident (1%), Neptune’s Trident (1 percent) and Neptune’s Crown(5 percent)
  20. Zou (Level 30)– Purchaseables > Mink Combat (Electric Fighting Style) Drops Zou Inhabitants Carrot (50 50 percent)
  21. Fishman Colosseum (any level stage) – Purchaseables >No Drops – None None

The Fishman island GPO is located in what direction can I go there?

Update 2 included a new island called Fishman Island. Teleport to Fishman Island from Fishman Cave by completing the labyrinth and purchasing a Bubble.

Find the Sphinx island GPO on a map.

After completing the island of Restaurant Baratie, the player will go to Sphinx Island. Even at level 50, which is needed to accept the island’s first quest, Monkeys, it is advised that you not travel there to farm.

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