Karuta GPO Wiki 2023 Grand Peace Online (February)

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About Musashi’s Karuta GPO

Karuta is often referred to as Musashi’s Karuta. Karuta is the correct name, and Musashi invented it. Musashi’s Karuta is a sought-after piece of armour that may be looted from the legendary ninja on Second Sea Sashi Island, Musashi, with a chance of 1%.

Karuta GPO Wiki 2022 Grand Peace Online

Leaf designs in karuta are reminiscent of kimono fabric. If you change the colour of your clothes in the customization menu, the Karuta will reflect that.

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Mushi can try to throw it away 5 times during training. as it is one of the most uncommon items in the game, as it becomes unbeatable after five battles.

  • Rarity – Legendary
  • Drop chance – 1%
  • Trade Level – 400+
  • Wearing Spot – Chestpiece
  • Dropped by – Musashi

Karuta Stamina, HP, Sword Damage

  • Sword Damage : Doubles Sword Damage +3%
  • Stamina Regen : +2
  • HP : +50 Extra

Karuta GPO Wiki FAQ

In GPO, how do you describe Karuta?

Karuta is Karuta played by Musashi. This is a GPO Legendary attachment for your armour.

When it comes to health points, how does Karuta fare?

There is a +50 HP buff for Karuta.

Can you play Karuta for real?

The Karuta is a legendary item for armour that may be obtained via the Grand Prize Online.


This page has provided you some background about Karuta; maybe you’ll find it informative. The HP and Stamina of Karuta are also discussed.

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