Karuta GPO Wiki April 2024 Grand Peace Online

Are You Searching For Information About Karuta GPO (Grand Peace Online)? Look No Further. Here you may find Karuta GPO Wiki details; to avoid any potential confusion let’s go through all this material carefully – familiarize yourself with GPO Wiki Karuta as well as all you ever wanted to know about their Map!

About Musashi’s Karuta GPO

Karuta, which Musashi invented and popularly refers to as his Karuta is often misquoted as Musashi’s Karuta; in actuality it should simply be called Karuta and may occasionally be found looted from Musashi on Second Sea Sashi Island with only an 1 in 100 chance.

Karuta GPO Wiki 2024 Grand Peace Online

Karuta leaf designs echo those found on Japanese kimono fabric. If you change the hue of your clothing in the customization menu, karuta will reflect that change accordingly.

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Mushi can try throwing away this rare item five times during training sessions as it becomes unbeatable after five battles.

  • Rarity – Legendary
  • Drop chance – 1%
  • Trade Level – 400+
  • Wearing Spot – Chestpiece
  • Dropped by – Musashi

Karuta Stamina, HP, Sword Damage

  • Sword Damage : Doubles Sword Damage +3%
  • Stamina Regen : +2
  • HP : +50 Extra

Karuta GPO Wiki FAQ

In GPO, how do you describe Karuta?

Karuta is Karuta played by Musashi. This is a GPO Legendary attachment for your armour.

When it comes to health points, how does Karuta fare?

There is a +50 HP buff for Karuta.

Can you play Karuta for real?

The Karuta is a legendary item for armour that may be obtained via the Grand Prize Online.


This page has provided you with some background on Karuta; perhaps you will find it informative. HP and Stamina of Karuta is also discussed here.

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