Grand piece online trello Codes, and Wiki January 2023

We’re going to check out the latest Grand Piece Online Tier List, Grand Piece Online Codes, and Grand Piece Online Wiki in this Roblox Grand Piece Online Trello.

Our trove of Roblox Grand Piece Online Trello codes is a fantastic location to begin your hunt for free goodies. You may also find detailed instructions for using Grand Piece Online Trello Codes down below the list itself. Also included in this new Grand Piece Online Trello is a list of the best Devil’s Fruits in the game.

Let’s go right into using this online Trello and wiki for the Grand Piece.

Grand piece online trello Codes, and Wiki for Your Piece

It’s been a long time coming, but ROBLOX now has a sailing game, and it’s called Grand Piece Online. The game encourages players to embark on adventures to faraway islands in search of treasure and mysterious fruits with alleged superhuman abilities. In addition, you’ll have to contend with powerful superiors and build and disband teams.

Grand piece online trello Codes, and Wiki July 2022

Your route is one of a kind and clearly influenced by the wildly successful shounen manga One Piece.

The Grand Piece Online Tier List is the next task on our Trello.

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Tier List for Grand Piece Online, or GPO Tier List

To keep you up to date, we’ve updated the Grand Piece Online Tier List:

GPO Tier List – Rank A

  • Goro → Legendary
  • Hie → Legendary
  • Suna → Legendary
  • Pika → Legendary

GPO Tier List – Rank B

  • Gura → Legendary
  • Bomu → Rare
  • Zushi → Legendary

GPO Tier List – Rank C

  • Horo → Rare
  • Mero → Rare
  • Bari → Rare

GPO Tier List – Rank D

  • Kilo → Common
  • Suke → Common
  • Spin → Common
  • Gomu → Rare

GPO Tier List – Rank S

  • Tori → Mythical
  • Mera → Legendary
  • Magu → Legendary

Each fruit on the GPO Tier List is viable and strong in the game in its own right. However, the finest fruits will provide you with the most advantages in every facet of the game, from combat to ship destruction to player-versus-player conflict.

In this Grand Piece Online Trello, we’ll look at the most recent current codes for free race rolls and other goodies.

Everything related to this topic will be included in this GPO Trello post.

Ships’ List:


The price of a rowboat is low, coming in at just 75 peli. It can go 25 metres per second and has 100 horsepower. Get from the starting point town.


For 2,000 peli, you may purchase a Caravel, a medium-sized apartment. It can go 45 metres per second and has 750 horsepower. You may get it at the town of origins.


You should expect to pay 15,000 peli for a galleon, a hefty unit. It can go 75 metres in one second and has a top speed of 2,000 horsepower. Pick up at Shell’s Town.


Even if the odds are against you, you may win a free Hoverboard by conquering Gravito in his fortress. It’s also possible to buy it using Robux. An impressive 750 horsepower propels it to a top speed of 70 metres per second. You may get it at Shell’s Town.

Punishment Craft

The Coffin Boat is a high-end item that can be purchased for 2222 Robux. It can go at 85 metres per second and has 666 horsepower. One may get it via Gamepass.


However, despite its little size, a Striker costs 3,000 Robux since it is a premium item. It can go 70 metres in one second and has 700 horsepower. Gain access to through Gamepass.

Excited Vessel

A Thrilled is an expensive, extra-large premium unit that will set you back 800 Robux. It travels at a rate of 85 metres per second and has 2,000 horsepower. Access through Gamepass.

Can You Explain GPO Codes?

Developer-supplied Grand Piece Online tickets are gifts that generally include several in-game bonuses.

Keep a watch on our list for the most recent GPO Codes, since Grand Quest Games often provides them after each update.

A Comprehensive Guide to Grand Piece’s Online Password System

The most up-to-date list of Grand Piece Online codes is as follows:

To Obtain a Fresh Code for Grand Piece Online, How Do I?

Active GPO codes:

  • 470K14XRACEREROLLS → Redeem this GPO code for free race rerolls.
  • 450K15XRACEREROLLS → Use this GPO code for free race rerolls.
  • 435K8XRACEREROLLS → Redeem this GPO code for free race rerolls.

Whether you want to know if fresh codes have been published, you may check the official social media pages.

However, if you’re always on the lookout for fresh GPO Redeem Codes, then you should definitely add our site as a bookmark.

Don’t bother going elsewhere; we’ll add new codes here as soon as they’re made public. That sums up all there is to know about this online Trello for the Roblox Grand Piece.

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