Minecraft Batman DLC: A DLC for Batman is coming to Minecraft

Minecraft Batman DLC: Minecraft’s blocky builder is donning spandex for a Batman DLC, so we’re lighting the Bat-Signal. We’ve seen crossovers with Adventure Time and Toy Story, but now the Batmobile is roaring.

Batman is omnipresent in video games, whether we’re grieving his death in Gotham Knights or enjoying Fortnite’s crossover skins. Minecraft is profiting off Batman, a far cry from the N64’s Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker.

The Minecraft Batman DLC: What is it?

Minecraft Batman DLC
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This year’s SpongeBob SquarePants pack reproduced Bikini Bottom, but now we’re getting Gotham City’s crime-ridden streets. Minecraft Live 2022 revealed the DLC and updated Minecraft Legends.
Jim Lee’s October 18 Minecraft Batman DLC announcement was a huge deal. “Batman’s gadgets to explore Gotham and take on villains like Harley Quinn, Penguin and more as you uncover Joker’s evil scheme” is the crossover’s objective.

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The Batcave and the GCPD appeared in a short clip. Most impressively, the clip suggests you can drive the Batmobile around Minecraft. In honour of the DLC release, the Minecraft dressing room is giving out Batman caps.

Minecraft Batman DLC Cost

The Batman DLC’s pricing is unknown, but considering that the SpongeBob one cost $10, we expect it will be similar. At a time when other games are releasing Halloween content, releasing a Batman bundle seems odd. We’ll take it.

If we get a DC crossover with Minecraft, how long before we get a Marvel DLC? Minecraft may be unique to DC, but Fortnite has honoured both comic book competitors. Enjoy that blocky bat in the meanwhile.

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