Twitch Amouranth Abusive Relationship: She Claims

Twitch Amouranth Abusive Relationship: Amouranth shocked viewers when she revealed during an extremely emotional Twitch live that her husband had abused her.

One of the most well-liked streamers on the site is Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa. In her last Twitch show, she revealed that she is married and that her husband manages many of her assets.

Twitch Amouranth Abusive Relationship: Amouranth accuses her husband of abuse

Twitch Amouranth Abusive Relationship

Twitch Amouranth Abusive Relationship: As reported on Twitter by The Guard’s Hunter, Amouranth revealed followers that she had a spouse, despite being forced to imply to fans that she’s unmarried. He allegedly threatened to kill her dogs, forced her to broadcast, and stole all her money from the site.
She claims he threatened to leave her with $1M and invest the rest in crypto using the logins and accounts.

Amouranth’s text conversations reveal her husband threatening to toss away her items from their shared house, calling her stream “trash,” and threatening to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity if she didn’t reply.

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Fans react to Twitch Amouranth Abusive Relationship

She states that it’s “basically living in a fancy prison,” and tearfully tries to talk her husband down from shouting at her over the phone. People have rallied around on Twitter to show their support for Amouranth, in hopes that she’ll find a way out of her current situation.

Among her supports are the likes of Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, who responded saying: “It’s disgusting seeing the internet continue to invalidate and dehumanize victims of abuse. What Amouranth has been trapped in is very real.. especially having joint accounts, married, dealing with threats, etc. I hope she gets the freedom and relief any human in abuse deserves.”

Of course, though, there are those who are sceptical of her claims, suggesting that her emotional reveal is a publicity stunt.

Twitch Amouranth AbusiveRelationship: There have been some terrible responses to the news, but happily there has also been a lot of support. Amouranth will find this news to be quite distressing, and we really hope that her predicament will soon be resolved.

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