Keffals, a Trans Streamer on Twitch, is still being Swatted

Keffals, a trans broadcaster on Twitch, describes the abuse she has faced since she was swatted earlier this month. Keffals was swatted.

Swatting is when someone contacts the police and accuses a random person of a crime to rob an unsuspecting victim. In the worst situations, this has led to arrests or even deaths. Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti, a trans Canadian Twitch livestream, has been harassed for months.

Political pundit and trans rights activist Keffals has been doxed and swatted on Twitch. On August 5, officers detained her, shoved a pistol in her face, and called her deadname (her pre-transition birth name). Keffals and her fiancé then moved to a hotel for safety, but she disclosed this week that she’s been attacked again.

What Keffals Said

She said that her harassers delivered pizzas to her hotel using her deadname. They located her by comparing a picture of her cat on her bed to every hotel in her city. Members of Kiwi Farms, a site infamous for hate speech and targeted abuse, have attacked her in several ways.
Not only Keffals. Friends and family have been doxed, a Toronto-based C. Sorrenti was swatted, and a Texas-based graphic designer worked for her. Any Keffals link or erroneous link may be harassed.
Keffals is maintaining privacy and safety for now. She plans to live in Airbnbs leased by third parties, move places weekly, and use a VPN to mask her IP address. She claims she’ll utilise a portable Twitch setup and a green screen so no one can pinpoint her position.


Transphobia is evident in Keffals’ harassment. Instead of backing down, she’s redoubling her activity, seeking money for legal requirements, and spreading the news about Kiwi Farm’s assaults. In a time when prominent individuals are spreading anti-trans language, not simply online trolls, it’s crucial to call out callous conduct like this.

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