Amouranth Twitter Censorship: She Claims Twitter with Censorship

Amouranth Twitter Censorship: Twitch broadcaster Kaitlyn Siragusa calls Twitter censorship, even though it’s not restricting material.
Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa says Twitter restricts material by burying it. Popular Twitch content creator argues that making it difficult for consumers to access and share material is the same as blocking it.

Amouranth Twitter Censorship: Siragusa used a concealed tweet from an adult website to make her point. Ironically, the hidden post demanded that Facebook parent corporation Meta explain “unfairly” targeting select authors with bans, shadow-bans, and suspensions. Amouranth clarified her viewpoint when a fan argued she wasn’t referring to censorship.
Amouranth understands business and social media, so she told the individual how ridiculous their comment was. She began her reaction by saying the poster “mansplained” censorship before saying she’d utilised social media to grow her business.

Amouranth Twitter Censorship: Her Tweet

Amouranth Twitter Censorship
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Amouranth Twitter Censorship: “Requiring someone to change default settings IS censoring,” She tweeted. “Favoring content in such a way makes a HUGE difference. I have default settings on this account TO be able to see what is and isn’t censored.” She said that engaging with or retweeting hidden posts would increase their visibility. She said Twitter will “throttle” her material for posting these posts.

Amouranth Twitter Censorship: Siragusa tried to end any disagreements by proving she’d examined the matter. She knows how to acquire lots of Twitch views, thus she’s an expert on the topic. She’s studied censorship and default settings and options, she claimed.
To prove that Twitter is censoring specific messages, she noted that default settings have affected traffic for decades. She said default settings maintained Internet Explorer’s “monster” market dominance for years. She also said Google pays Apple tens of billions of dollars a year for similar reasons. Twitch streamer’s statements won’t likely alter Twitter, but they provide insight on the issue.

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