Warzone 2 Twitch Drops: How to get Twitch drops in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 Twitch drops: How to connect your account and earn free prime prizes in Warzone 2 Twitch drops. If you want free cosmetics or double-XP tokens, watch the pros play. Here are some goodies you may anticipate from future Twitch drops.

Twitch drops are a means to earn free goods in the battle royale game by watching broadcasters play it on Twitch, including weapon blueprints, stickers, badges, charms, and more.

How to connect accounts for Warzone 2 Twitch drops

Warzone 2 Twitch drops

Here’s how to connect your Call of Duty account to your Twitch account so you can start watching others play on the platform.

  • You need a Call of Duty account and Twitch account
  • Use the Activision linking page to link both accounts
  • Watch a Twitch stream with drops enabled to automatically earn rewards

The Warzone 2 Prime Gaming Loot website has more freebies, so be sure to check there as well. Twitch drops will sometimes take place, so keep a look out for announcements.

Rewards for Warzone 2 Twitch drops

  • Medallion 141  charm at 15 minutes
  • Death’s Angel calling card at 30 minutes
  • Something in my teeth sticker at 45 minutes
  • Watchdog 141 weapon blueprint at 60 minutes

Now that Warzone 2 has been made available to the public, we anticipate hearing shortly about what the next Twitch drops will consist of.

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