Warzone Stats (COD) 2024: Track your Stats, Record and Ranking

Warzone Stats (COD) : Fortnite and Valorant are three real-time multiplayer games which rely heavily on player ambition to succeed and put in numerous hours to improve their skills and push their game further forward.

Warzone features fierce competition between gamers. At first, gamers criticised Activision’s Verdansk matchmaking system as they believed that skill-based matchmaking made winning streaks harder for those on top by pairing them against opponents with lower skill levels.

As a way of measuring how far they differ in skill level from professional players or top leaders, many players compare their statistics against those of these professionals or leaders.

Warzone provides two primary methods of examining stats and K/D: in-game or via a third party website offering more in-depth studies.

Warzone Stats

How to view in-game Warzone statistics

Call of Duty: Warzone doesn’t provide comprehensive metrics directly; however, you can quickly examine things like win rate and kill count without interrupting gameplay. Below are steps you can use to monitor these Warzone metrics in-game:

  • Open Call of Duty: Warzone, then choose Warzone from the title screen.
  • Choose Barracks.
  • Choose Records.
  • To keep track of your metrics, select Score, Kills, Wins, or Plunder.

Warzone’s use of its global leaderboard to compare relevant stats can be cumbersome and frustrating, which is why you may appreciate being able to sort results according to platform and friends to see where you stand in comparison to your colleagues and opponents. Unfortunately, however, presentation in-game is less than ideal so one of these websites listed can give a much clearer idea of your progress as work.

In the Warzone menu, there are a few places worth visiting. If you’d like to see your achievements from Warzone and Modern Warfare, click on Commendations on the Records page. The Barracks page’s Officer Advancement and Achievements options will take you to your level progression and achievements, respectively. There are tasks that are appropriate for your rank and season on the Officer Progression screen that will reward you with a Ribbon of Honor and experience.

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