The Best Warzone Perks

Warzone Perks: Successful Warzone loadouts depend heavily on top Warzone perks, so why not learn more? With so many new benefits only available through Warzone recently made available for study, it would certainly pay dividends to investigate which combination may prove most effective when applied across classes with similar advantages.

This guide discusses all of the practical advantages offered by each category, providing advice on their usage as well as information regarding which loadouts they work best in. Enjoy!

Warzone Perks
The Best Warzone Perks

Best Warzone Perks: 1

EOD and cold-blooded bonuses are two of the greatest perks available in blue slot. Here is an outline of their impact if needed:

  • EOD: Decreases fire and explosion damage from non-lethal killstreaks by 45%. increases throwback reaction time while decreasing the consequences of shrapnel.
  • Cold-Blood: Prevents detection by thermal and AI targeting devices. Combat Scouts are defeated and no alarm notification is triggered.

Active extras, both EOD and CQC benefits are invaluable and have saved lives on numerous occasions. EOD allows for rapid entry into combat by providing clay & nade consumption capabilities.

Cold-Blooded can be most useful when coupled with Combat Scout as the third slot. Cold Blooded’s ability to neutralise Combat Scout’s effects on Caldera helps alleviate much of the difficulty associated with thermal optics on battlefield. When someone with Combat Scout fires upon you, their entire squad may become instantly live-pinged but with cold blood installed that won’t be an issue!

Best Warzone Perks: 2

  • Under Tempered or Restock, run Tempered. Below are two useful benefits.
  • Equipment should be replenished every 25 seconds with the exception of Stims (which take 60 sec to replenish).
  • Tempered: Armor plates feature only two plates instead of three for greater safety and torsion resistance.

Stockpiling supplies is especially advantageous if you frequently rely on equipment. When combined with Restock, stocking up can make tagging enemies nonstop with snapshot grenades possible though even without using Snapshot Grenades it won’t hurt as it allows free equipment refills every 25 seconds!

Tempered has many of the same advantages of Restock, yet what sets it apart? Simply put, by adding two armor plates instead of three it allows you to store four full health recharges faster – for speed and efficiency it makes perfect sense!

As previously discussed, Overkill is one subcategory of this strategy. If it becomes necessary for you to carry two primary weapons simultaneously, selecting Overkill in the second slot and forgoing other benefits will allow access to a secondary loadout drop.

Best Warzone Perks: 3

The best options right now for the third and final position are Amped and Combat Scout. The following is what they do:

  • Accelerates switching between weapons and reloading rocket launchers.
  • When an enemy hits you, the squad as a whole, you are briefly marked.

Amped is an invaluable perk for any sniper player on the market, particularly an SMG or assault weapon used as a backup. Sniping requires using less cumbersome weapons that allow quick changes. As quickly as you switch over between weapons when sniping is your only hope for survival!

Combat Scout is such a useful ally, it should be utilized by every player not reliant on Amped. Utilizing it helps both you and your teammates identify competitors quickly; its ability to ping enemies through walls and cover is particularly useful in Caldera. Of course, many wilderness campers find itself living without Amped at times!

Warzone currently boasts several key benefits that you should keep in mind to maximize its advantages. By taking full advantage of all that they provide, you will become the most well-equipped individual possible – although this list is far from comprehensive!

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Best Warzone Perks

The Best Warzone Perks

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