How Does Warzone Legacy Function?

How Does Warzone Legacy Function? Activision has released Warzone Legacy, a method for veterans of the original Warzone experience to commemorate and record their accomplishments before the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 in less than eight days.

Warzone Legacy is Activision’s way of letting Call of Duty players see a compilation of data about their activity in Warzone over the past three years and inviting them to share it on social media, similar to other competitive titles like Valorant and other virtual market campaigns like Spotify Wrapped.

How Does Warzone Legacy Function?

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How Does Warzone Legacy Function?

Players just need to go to and enter their Activision ID (for example, Username#1234567) to get their own Warzone Legacy video.

People who want help finding their seven-digit Activision ID should go to

The video itself is about two minutes long and gives you a quick rundown of some fun stats from your Warzone career, such as your all-time K/D ratio and the total number of matches you’ve played.

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