Gwen Ability Rundown 2024: League of Legends

Gwen Ability Rundown 2023: Gwen won the most recent League of Legends championship and should be available to be released into Patch 11.8 of League of Legends; we just need to wait for her testing on the PBE to conclude so we can meet this celebrated seamstress!

As we prepare, being aware of Gwen’s abilities can only serve to our advantage. Riot recently tweeted about them; so let us quickly review what we already know about her abilities.

Gwen’s Bio

The Kingdom of Camavor was once inhabited by a group of people who lived far from the throne. Gwen was made by a modest seamstress in one of the outlying colonies.

Gwen cherishes the memories she has of her past while she still has them fresh in her mind. While Gwen’s maker stitched away, her hands remained motionless and she held scissors in her other hand. The two spent their days creating together. At one point, the seamstress challenged Gwen to a fight after they were discovered huddling under the dining room table late at night. Their dark kitchen was filled with the sound of cutlery slamming against scissors.

Gwen ability rundown
Gwen ability rundown

Gwen’s Abilities Spotlight

Passive: Thousand Cuts

Gwen basic attack inflict additional magic damage when they hit their target based on a percentage of their maximum life, providing an opportunity to partially heal a champion using basic attack.

Q: Snip Snip!

Gwen’s scissors cause magic damage to a cone by cutting between two and six times in rapid succession. For every basic attack an enemy receives from Gwen, she will add a second snipe (up to four for a total of six).

Each snip does true damage and Thousand Cuts’ added magic damage to enemies in its core.

W: Hallowed Mist

Gwen can enter the Hallowed Mist to gain additional armor and magic resistance for five seconds at once. While inside, enemies cannot target or use abilities against her while she remains within it; once outside however, she will see nothing left except an illusionary wall to follow behind when leaving; eventually this illusion disappears entirely on its second attempt though it will follow Gwen for some distance when she tries leaving again.

E: Skip ‘n Slash

Gwen can temporarily increase her attack speed, range and magic damage whenever she sprint for 4 second. If an enemy attack during this period then 50% of its cooldown period can be refunded

R:  Needlework

In order to activate Gwen Needlework spell a third time, an enemy must be struck in the first 8 seconds. Gwen Thousand Cuts releases a stream of needles with each cast, slowing the target, dealing magic damage, and amplifying that damage.

Nine needles and nine applications of Thousand Cuts to foes hit are fired during the first cast, three during the second, and five during the third.

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