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David Camp Camp Wiki: David is one of two camp counsellors at Camp Campbell and the story’s deuteragonist. He’s the kind of upbeat, positive person who’d go to great lengths to help others see the bright side of camping. He and his co-counselor Gwen have a rocky relationship, but he has the most trouble getting along with Max, a camper who hates camping and the entire Camp Campbell experience.

David Camp Camp

David (Camp Camp) Personality

David is portrayed to be extremely positive, cheerful, and happy-go-lucky, especially in regards to the camp, to the point that it borders on obsession. Nonetheless, he has showed symptoms of despair and anxiety, and this is strongly implied. He is constantly trying to find the bright side of things, much to the chagrin of his colleagues Max and Gwen. David is often presented in high spirits, usually with some combination of skipping, singing, and dramatic hand motions.

David even admits in “Scout’s Dishonor” that he doesn’t sleep because he’s so excited about the upcoming day. However, he does sleep, and while doing so, he frequently mumbles the names of various tree species (“Cult Camp”, “Dial M For Jasper”, and “The Forest”).

David: Camp Camp Character Appearance

David is tall and lean, with short red hair and blue-green eyes. Like the camp’s namesake and namesake founder, Cameron Campbell, he wears a dark green Camp Campbell counsellor T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves and olive green shorts, along with white socks, brown shoes, and a yellow Camp Campbell t-shirt knotted around his neck and a brown vest.

David’s tuft of hair over his forehead used to be more rounded when he was a camper. His ensemble consisted of a bright yellow shirt, a brown vest, olive shorts, white socks, and brown shoes.


  • All but Max and David’s ages have been determined. Gwen revealing Max’s age (10) in “Gwen Gets a Job,” and it being confirmed in “Parents’ Day.” In “Romeo & Juliet: Love Reborn,” David’s age (24 years old) is listed on his Tinder profile.
  • The list of things he does in the show’s theme tune might serve as his Tinder bio.
  • The recurring injury of David serves as a running gag throughout the show. Multiple cars have ran over him, he’s been stabbed, wolves have attacked him, and he’s been set on fire.
  • David’s habit of mumbling the names of tree species in his sleep is a recurrent humour. In “Cult Camp,” “Dial M for Jasper,” and “The Forest,” we observe this.

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