How to Get Every Weapon in NieR Automata April 2024

NieR Automata: Characters 2B, 9S and A2 in NieR Automata all wield weapons that could be collected for personal use across the world. There are four primary types of weapons: short swords, huge swords, spears and battle bracers.

How to Get Every Weapon in NieR: Automata

NieR: Upgrading your weapons allows you to unlock additional weapon tales as you progress through the game. A comprehensive list of all weapons, along with their locations, is shown here.

Short-bladed weapons

  • The resource unit in Flooded City contains a chest containing Faith.
  • If you possess the number 9S, it can only be accessed on your third playing.
  • Utilize the Iron Pipe to cast your line into the sewers between City Ruins and Amusement Park.
  • Beastbane can be purchased from the weapons vendor in Resistance Camp.
How to Get Every Weapon in NieR Automata

From City Ruins entrance point near the tower, traverse to the rope bridge for your Phoenix Dagger. Be aware that its right side has a sharp descent. Follow directions to find hidden elevator and enter. Ultimately, you will come upon a cave where you April find weapon in chest hidden next to waterfall or by tumbling down forest zone waterfall.

Purchased from the weapons vendor in Resistance Camp, the Ancient Overlord is proud owner of his Ancient weapon.

After completing Operator 60’s “Find A Present” task, you will receive a Type-40 Sword. Just 2B will suffice for this endeavor.

  • The Type-3 Sword was sold by Devola and Popola.
  • Virtuous Contract is the standard weapon for 2B.
  • Cruel Oath is the default weapon for 9S.
  • Finish the side quest “11B’s Mementos” for the Blade of YoRHa.
  • Machine Sword: Acquired from the neighbourhood gun shop in Pascal’s Village.

At an abandoned factory, you’ve discovered an engine blade! At the end of your third run, search for a door on top of the first set of conveyor belts with crushers as you exit the area. In this chamber, you’ll find a chest containing your weapon.

You might come across a cypress stick like this in the Forest Zone. Use the crumbled pillars and platforms ahead of you to reach a chest with this item to enter the Forest Zone from Pascal’s Village.

Swords with a Long Reach

Iron Will was discovered in the Flooded City. Use the Scanner Pod to scan the area after you reach the road’s ruins.

A weapon known as Fang of the Twins may be found in the Desert Zone Housing Complex. Follow the machine that will take you to Adam’s dungeon, keeping a look out for the fire escape stairs to your right. On top of the steps, in a chest, is the weapon.

  • Beastlord: This item was purchased from the camp’s weapons vendor.
  • The Phoenix Sword can be found in the game’s opening moments, locked away on top of City Ruins in a sealed box.
  • Operator 210 needs a Type-40 Blade in order to complete his “Data Analysis Freak” assignment, and only the 9S is capable of accomplishing this feat.

Type-3 Blade purchased from Devola and Popola.

At the entrance to Abandoned Factory, a map marker will appear on your screen with its location indicated.

The Cruel Blood Oath can be found deep beneath the Desert Zone. Only 9S can open the door to reveal it.

This machine axe is an indispensable weapon that can be purchased from Pascal’s Village’s arms vendor.

A spear-tipped weapon

Phoenix Lance may be located in Desert Zone Central. To get there, draw a straight line from your access point to the outer border of the satellite circle on your mini-white map. Continue travelling around this circumference until you come to an intersection and turn left to search for your weapon.

From Forest Zone Royal Chamber entrance, climb up a ladder to reach the top level of the library. There you will find a chest containing your weapon.

Dragoon Lance: To obtain this legendary weapon, follow the waterfall down from Forest Zone’s main entrance. On your right will be a Lunar Tear and chest containing your weapon.

Spear of the Usurper for finishing “Heritage of the Past” questline.

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Quest “YoRHa Betrayers” is a Type-40 Lance.

Type-3 Lance can be found in the Flooded City. To leap, locate the sloping structure closest to the waterfall. If you glance to your right, run towards that building; your weapon should be hidden away in a nearby chest.

Continue on beyond the first staircase that takes you to City Ruins until you reach Amusement Park. Another ladder awaits at the end of the sewers. Climb your way to the top of a shrine and look for your weapon there!

As 9S, return to the abandoned factory to complete the quest “Arrogant Cruelty.” For your second run, use 2B’s first escape route as a reference point. After clearing away the second wave of exploding machines, pass through the conveyor belt (this one after the first set of crushers). Upon passing this line, climb up on top to a higher platform above it where a closed door may be found – you must hack into it in order to obtain your weapon!

Pascal’s Village weapon vendor, Machine Spear, sells these torches.

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Bracers for Fighting

  • The standard weapon is two fists.
  • Angel’s Folly was purchased from Emil, not far from the Resistance Camp.
  • The Demon’s Cry can be found in the basement of Amusement Park Arena, where you fought Beauvoir. This weapon lies at the end of this trail, inside a locked chest.
  • Type-40 Fists were discovered hidden away in a locked box behind the Resistance Camp’s entrance.
  • Emil may offer Type-3 Fists while he’s near the Resistance Camp.

From the main entrance of Forest Zone, turn left and then right to access training grounds. As you near the edge, look to your right for any platforms that could help you ascend. If you continue uphill, you might find a weapon at one of several shrines along the way.

Masamune grants you access to the Cruel Lament after upgrading a weapon with all necessary upgrades.

It’s time for Pascal to put his transformation into A2 behind you. Once you regain possession of 9S, head over to Pascal’s Village and purchase them from him.

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defeat the Emil Heads, Emil’s first iteration.

You now have it. You have every possible choice in NieR: Automata. Simply finish the improvements for each of your characters to unlock the game’s optional superboss. Check out Twinfinite and our expanding wiki if you want to learn more about NieR: Automata.

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