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What is the blue lock anime release date ? Answered

Blue Lock anime release date : For over a year now, Muneyuki Kaneshiro’s Blue Lock, illustrated by Yusuke Nomura, has been captivating the manga community. As Haikyuu’s anime series nears its concl-usion, this could potentially be the next great sports show to fill the void left by Haikyuu’s departure.

Blue lock anime release date

At present, no exact release date has been given for the Blue Lock anime series, which is scheduled to debut in August 2023. A few months prior, a teaser video revealed an exquisite animation and featured all of Team Z’s members.

What is the blue lock anime release date ? Answered

The primary cast of Team Z is once again shown in new key art for the programme. In the next month or two, we expect to hear more about an actual release date, and we’ll update this post accordingly.

What’s in store for the first season?

Based on chapter organization, we can estimate how much of the manga the first season will cover.

Blue Lock’s initial season is expected to include 20-25 episodes based on previous anime releases. As such, the season will likely encompass the entirety of its initial selection arc until Rin Itoshi and Team A make an appearance in the finale.

Team V, Reo Mikage and Nagi Seishiro are likely to return before we’re left with a tantalizing cliffhanger that teases Rin’s presence.

What Do You Need to Know about Blue Lock’s Release Date? That’s All. Plus, we take a closer look at Yor Forger from Spy x Family with his Nendoroid figure and discuss why this show is one of the most wholesome this year.

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