Among Us: Complete List of Colors & In-Game Call-Outs

Among Us: It may seem odd to talk about the hue of Among Us, but bear with us… This game has received much praise and achieved worldwide popularity in 2020. If you’ve ever played it, you’ll understand why millions have downloaded it – its deduction and perceptual techniques keep the experience exciting no matter how many times you play it.

Players have complete control over their character and it has been said that certain colors have special meanings (e.g., “Red is Sushi” jokes). Is Red really suicidal? Green remains an invaluable crewmember despite having murdered me twice in succession. To learn more about Among Us’ colors and what they signify, watch this video:

Among Us: All the colors from

In Among Us the players can choose from 18 different colors but not all of them can be personalized. Let’s have a peek at what I’ll say about them farther down.

Among Us
Among Us
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue (Light Blue)
  • (Light Green Citrus)
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Rose
  • Banana
  • Coral
  • Gray
  • Maroon

The primary hues are red, yellow, and blue. There are two more colors in the game that players cannot choose, but are present nonetheless:

  • Fortegreen
  • Tan

When a player connects for the first time, ForteGreen displays the player name as “?” in the green. Developers published a chart of every hue ranked by popularity in a Tweet earlier this year, which you can see below.

Is Red always sus in Among Us?

Contrary to popular belief “red” isn’t always the impostor. Red has been mistakenly identified as the main impersonator in numerous memes and posters; however, every race has an equal opportunity of becoming either the good guy (or bad guy, depending on your perspective) in these situations.

Contrary to popular belief, Red was not selected as the impostor but instead serves as a primary crewmate.

  • Susceptibility to red

Among us, the colors are blue and incognito.

Blue is in a similar situation as Red, but traveling in the opposite direction. They often go unnoticed and use any situation to their benefit. Although blue people can be entertaining to watch, you should never put your trust in one–they know exactly what they’re up to!

Green, the caller for the emergency meeting,

Green is a shrewd and cunning character. They are frequently singled out as impostor suspects and may be detained. They know what to do and how to take advantage when alone.

Pink is the most likely victim.

Many gamers choose to eliminate Pink the first time they meet her because she may not always appear menacing. Whether a crewmate or an impostor they are typically the ones to leave first.

Orange is the color of coin toss and one of the color featured in the film Among Us.

When playing with an orange you will either get the best or worst player in the world there is no middle ground. They could be serene or violently offensive; either way their logic will stand the test of time and be remembered fondly. No matter who it is, having such a person as your opponent will leave lasting impressions that will last a lifetime.

Yellow is the pack leader or lone wolf.

Players in the color yellow often don’t leave a lasting impression. They tend to be introverted creatures who prefer not to engage with anyone or anything; whether it be an actual crewmate, impostor or something else entirely; in fact some may even be unaware that there is even a Yellow around at all! Our colors define us whether that be friendship, rivalry, loyalty, karma but ultimately they all function together as one unit.

Black is the player with the most votes.

If you had to choose a sus with your eyes closed you’d probably choose Black 7 times out of 10. More frequently than not players believe Black is the impostor. They do make it out alive on rare occasions, but in any event they are always fashionable!

White, the bumbling detective,

White gamers are either on cams attempting sabotage or simply loitering in the vents. Unfortunately because they do not always do what they are expected to they are also among the first players to be fired. You will occasionally run into a player that will stun you with their devious techniques, but this is an uncommon occurrence.

Pseudo-suspicious purple

Purple is similar to Red in some ways but they are almost never suspected (even if they are a forgery).They were depicted as one in a few promotional material and it was enough to get this pseudo sus up and running.

Brown, your dependable companion

Even if they are impostors Brown is almost always a good guy. They are nice but not pushy helpful but not overbearing, and they know precisely where they’re supposed to be (except when they get killed). That pretence disappears when they stab you in the back. The colors that separate us.


Almost every Cyan player I’ve met is a fantastic player. They know their duties and make important choices. It is as if you have a mini-brain on your squad, as long as they are. Also refrain from referring to them as “blue.”

The poisonous side of cyan is lime.

Cyan and others in the lime gaming community are well-versed in the game. Unfortunately they do so with such enthusiasm that you might want to throw them out the ship and into space. if only it weren’t for all their hard work! There are also regular limes available, though these tend to be hard to come by!

Finally here is my verdict: Which color do you think is the best? Personally I am usually either a brown or purple player; however Red is Sus (for those in the know) so there you go – Red for Sus!


The whole Among US information has been presented above to help you better grasp the issue. Leave a remark if you need help with the post.

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