Blue Protocol Release Date 2024 Global Western 2024

Blue protocol release date by Bandai Namco, the latest MMORPG, is set to take the world by storm. Fans have eagerly waited for any information about the game’s release date. However, other than speculations, there has not been any official update. Let’s look at the Blue Protocol Global Western Release Date and Characters.

Blue Protocol Release Date 2024 Global Western (2024).

Blue Protocol has completed its beta testing in Japan. Bandai Namco said that the team is currently working on improving the game based on players’ opinions. GeForce leaked contains the Blue Protocol title and a 01-01-2024 publication. This placeholder was not finalized, and some of the details were omitted. According to one source, the Western release date of Blue Protocol Global is May 2024. The Global version will have a closed beta between May and May.

Blue Protocol Global Western Release Date

Blue Protocol Gameplay Classes

These are the classes currently available in Blue Protocol.

  1. Aegis Fighter
  2. Blast Archer
  3. Heavy Smasher
  4. Spell Caster
  5. Twin Striker

Aegis Fighter

  • Weapon – 1H Sword & Shield
  • Role – Melee tank

Blast Archer

  • Weapon – Bow
  • Role – Ranged

Heavy Smasher

  • Weapon – Hammer
  • Role – DPS

Spell Caster

  • Weapon – staff
  • Role – Ranged Elemental

Twin Striker

  • Weapon – Dual Axes
  • Role – DPS

Blue Protocol Characters

These are the current Blue Protocol characters.

  • Aerinse
  • Carvain
  • Charlotte
  • Dunkirk
  • Einrain
  • Feste
  • Jake
  • Merlouf
  • Tyris
  • Veronica
  • Voldigen

The official Blue Protocol Twitter account revealed the following character details in Japanese. Below is a translation of these tweets, along with descriptions. Some sentences May not make sense when translated to English.

Blue Protocol Global Western Release Date: Confirmed Characters


Aerin, a mysterious woman, appeared from the “pillarof the gods.” She reached her, crossing time and space to complete the “Grest Mission.”


You meet a warrior on your journey. He is trustworthy, has a strong sense of justice, and has some abilities.


A rising diva and a traveling entertainer. She is cheerful, with a lot of self-confidence. However, she can sometimes be reckless.


As the leader of Knights of Dunkirk, Bernhard, a warrior often called the “strongest man,” People all over the globe admire and respect him.


She is always there wherever you go. She is always attentive and will not interfere with your activities. She will help you if needed. She May be connected to Bavaria.


Your journey will begin with Feste, the first Story Character that you’ll encounter. Feste is a Demihuman with a sweet and fragile appearance, and she deceives others to help her get around. In the opening scene, you can see her personality.


Jake is an adventurer from the land of Asteria. He regards himself as “the best of the best.” Despite his great skill, he is not serious about his actions.


He is a mysterious boy who appears from nowhere. It is difficult to understand his true motives, as he stares at you constantly.


Tyris is Aerinse’s bodyguard. If it’s the right thing to do, she will make the most of any situation.


Deputy Chief of the Knights of the Principality of Veronica Bernhard. She is a faithful supporter of Dunkirk through her calm and calm judgment.


The Dragon King is the leader of the Dragon Clan. He is a powerful leader of the Dragon Clan and stands in our path to defeat Aerinse.

Blue Protocol to Release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Android, & iOS

Bandai Namco announced Blue Protocol for Windows PC as of right now. The game will only be available for Windows PC during its initial release, which could change later. New platforms might get the game, considering the popularity of Playstions devices in Japan and the West.

All you need to know about Blue Protocol Global Western release date, characters, classes: you can also visit our Video Game guides, where you will find all the latest games.

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