Borderlands 3 is home to the Spongeboss Bulletpants boss

Borderlands 3 is home to the Spongeboss Bulletpants boss. Although defeating him is an important task, finding him is the most important thing to do. You will need to beat the boss to complete one of the objectives. This article will save you time and show you how to find bullet pants in Borderlands 3 and what to do to defeat the boss.

Spongeboss Bulletpants Boss Where are they?

During the second mission of Borderlands 3, you will be able to unlock the objective to defeat Spongeboss Bulletpants. Use three catapults to break the date of Castle Crimson. The boss is hiding inside the house in a pineapple shape. Just before the third catapult, the home is located on the right.

Spongeboss Bulletpants Boss

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This is Spongeboss bulletpants House. The boss will be waiting for you. Next, you must defeat this boss. These are the tips to help you do this.

How to defeat Spongeboss Boss Bulletpants?

To kill Spongebos’s Bulletpants, you will need to have a lot of weapons. Spongebob’s bullet pants are Borderlands’ most demanding boss. Be prepared before you enter the house. It will take several waves to defeat the boss, and it will become stronger after defeating the boss in each wave.

Spongebob’s bullet pants will take a lot of time because it has a vast health bar. Bubble Blaster is the boss’s weapon. A bubble Blaster is a weapon that can emit radiation from bubbles. This is a deadly attack that can take you down in seconds. You’ll need to continue defeating the boss until Spongebos’s Bulletpants is defeated.

Here is the final wave. The boss will become Spongebos’s NoChance. You can defeat him faster, but he will not be as strong as before. You can wait to level up to Godly Spongeboss Bulletpants if you want to get more loot.

Spongebob’s Bulletpants can be used to lure the boss towards the spider ants. Shoot him and get the boss to follow you. This will allow the boss to level up and increase your chances of obtaining a higher quality loot. A helmet unlocks the first level, and the helmet will unlock Spongeboss NoChance. Super Spongeboss NoChance is the next level. Next comes Mega Spongebos’s No Chance. The Ultimate Spongeboss NoChance is next. Finally, there’s Godly Spongeboss NoChance. Each group requires a certain amount of kill.

  1. Super Spongeboss NoChance 1 Kill
  2. Mega Spongeboss NoChance – 2 Kills.
  3. Ultimate Spongeboss NoChance 3 Kills
  4. Godly Spongeboss NoChance 4 Kills

Spongeboss Boss Loot

These loots will be available to you after killing Spongebos’s Bulletpants.

  • Hedgehog Faulty star
  • Unwavering Faulty Star
  • Unlimited Deadshot
  • P.A.T Mk. III

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