Stephen Boss Net Worth 2024: His Net Worth at the time

Stephen Boss Net Worth: How rich was Stephen Boss when he died? Boss, known as tWitch, was discovered dead in his hotel room’s bathtub. A maid went to his room after he missed check-out at 11 a.m.

His wife, Allison, confirmed the news to PEOPLE and sent an emotional note to him.

Stephen Boss Net Worth: “His beneficial effect will continue to be felt,” she remarked. “We won’t forget him, I’m sure. This is a terrible moment for me and our three children.” As a DJ and performer, tWitch created a lasting impact. They checked how much money he had when he died.

Stephen Boss Net Worth: How much tWitch earned before to his death?

Stephen Boss Net Worth: Celebrity Net Worth estimates Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ net worth at $5 million. His wealth improved during his time on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” according to many news sites.

During his first two seasons on DeGeneres’ show, tWitch earned $500,000 each year. His $1 million compensation as co-presenter boosted his personal worth.
Alabama native won “Star Search” in 2003. “The Wade Robson Project” ranked him third.

Stephen Boss Net Worth

His abilities took him to “Blades of Glory” and “Hairspray.”

Stephen Boss Net Worth: tWitch competed in “So You Think You Can Dance” season 3. He missed the top 20.
2008: He placed second. tWitch appeared in seasons 7-9 as an All-Star. Team Street’s captain in season 12 of “So You Think You Can Dance”

He appeared in “Stomp the Yard: Homecoming,” “Step Up 3D,” “Drop Dead Diva,” “Modern Family,” “Adventures in Love & Babysitting,” and “So Close.” The DJ sold his Sherman Oaks property for $1.3 million in April 2019.

Early Life of Stephen Boss

tWitch Boss was born in Montgomery, Alabama, on September 29, 1982. After graduating from Lee High School in 2000, he studied dance at Southern Union State Community College. Stephen moved to California’s Chapman University. Boss was nicknamed “tWitch” because he was “constantly spinning and moving.”

Career of Stephen Boss

tWitch was a “Star Search” runner-up and “The Wade Robson Project” third-place finisher in 2003. In 2007, he had uncredited roles as a “flamboyant dancer” in “Blades of Glory” and “Hairspray” and auditioned for season three of “So You Think You Can Dance” but didn’t enter the Top 20. In 2008, Stephen made it to the finals and finished second against Joshua Allen. He was nominated for Outstanding Choreography for a dance he did with Katee Shean to “Mercy” by Duffy. In seasons 7, 8, and 9, Boss was a “All Star,” and in season 12, he captained “Team Street.”

In 2010, he featured in “Stomp the Yard: Homecoming” and “Step Up 3D” Stephen then appears in “Step Up Revolution” (2012), “Step Up: All In” (2014), and “Ghostbusters” (2016). He appears on “Touch” (2011), “Drop Dead Diva” (2014), “Love” (2017), and “Modern Family” (2018). (2018). tWitch has danced with Chill Factor Crew and Breed OCLA, taught at South County Classical Ballet, and developed tWitch Boss Clothing.

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