Element by Westin Brand Element Hotels Debuts

Element by Westin : Marriot’s Element brand of limited service extended stay hotels is designed for people concerned with health and the environment, offering healthier breakfast options like oatmeal or fruit while meeting environmental standards – plus bike rental to utilize during free time! Rather than traditional sports bars these hotels feature functional workspaces.

Less than 40 properties currently exist at Element and they serve a growing market in the West. Discover more about Element as a company as well as their products and services offered.

Element by Westin Brand

Who are they exactly? In 2006, Starwood introduced Element as the first hotel brand in the US that focused on conserving energy and water while adhering to green standards and catering to eco-tourists. The inaugural hotel debuted in Massachusetts and by 2013 its international expansion had reached Canada – one of Marriott’s less well known brands as only 36 properties are open with another 81 currently planned out – yet according to its brand architecture it represents “distinct select” luxury extended stay sector brand offering more upscale environments akin Residence Inn and Residence Inn brands

Element by Westin Brand Element Hotels Debuts

Element(r) is changing extended stay accommodations through its contemporary designs, eco-conscious practices and tailored guest experience for today’s traveler, according to Marriott. At Element, guests have plenty of space to stretch out and unwind amidst luxurious spa-inspired baths or kitchenettes at Element; making Element a more advanced lodging option than ever before.

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Element Hotels Debuts

What to Expect at an Element Property: My bedroom featured hardwood floors and light wood wall panels decorated in contemporary Scandinavian fashion that could fit right in both San Francisco or Seattle. Plush bedding from Westin was provided along with other high-end features like USB connections and Bluetooth speaker speaker beside my bed.

At that point, however, the advertised benefits ceased being fulfilled: with no kitchens in their guestrooms, Element by Westin Ubud cannot serve as long-term lodging solution. While I understand why they would do it here (none of us want to cook there either!), such a radical shift was surprising and unexpected from such a seasoned company like Westin.

There’s still confusion as to whether Marriott made this exception just for their inaugural Element hotel in Indonesia or whether this will become standard across their portfolio of Element hotels in future. Either way, its name appears to have changed following this transition as several pages now refer to Element as either being inspired by Westin (ie: by Westin), “Element by Westin,” and/or just simply as Element (see examples here and below). I reached out to their marketing department and will provide any new details below.

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Breakfast would have made my experience better if included, without happy hour being charged extra, such as at US hotels. Had it cost extra like Holiday Inn Expresses I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic.


Element hotel chain caters to vacationers seeking more residential hotel experiences, and their aesthetic and green philosophy should resonate well with customers. From my own experience at Element properties I had an unforgettable day and would return without hesitating; therefore actively searching out Element properties is something they excel in doing!

Just what a brand needs; I had an enjoyable day, wouldn’t hesitate to return, and would look out for other Element properties in my search for properties to visit.

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Even though Element Ubud doesn’t feature a kitchen, I like being certain the brands I choose offer reliable accommodations; otherwise I risk being taken by surprise by missing essential features when arriving at my hotel due to not reading carefully enough about it beforehand. So it would probably be prudent for me to double-check everything before booking Element.

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