FIFA 23 New Celebrations: Full List of Celebrations in the FIFA 23

FIFA 23 New Celebrations will aid those who like gloating after goals. EA loves to cater to L1+R1 pressers and celebration lovers in the FIFA community. Here’s a list of FIFA 23’s new celebrations.

FIFA 23 New Celebrations

FIFA 23’s new celebrations let you bask in the thrill of a 40-yard screamer or a sweaty tap-in. Joining the’salmon dive’ and ‘Mbappe little brother’ are FIFA 23’s new celebrations:

  • Low Five and Flex (Roberto Firmino)
  • Flip (Sam Kerr)
  • Eye of the Tiger (Christian Pulisic)
  • Gamer (Diogo Jota)
  • Griddy
FIFA 23 New Celebrations

Celebration With A Low Five and Flex

Firmino’s semi-regular ‘Low Five and Flex’ celebration was chosen. This is another method for Liverpool supporters to indirectly support their number nine.

Celebration with Flip

WSL player of the year’s Flip celebration joins FIFA 23 women’s clubs. Sam Kerr’s acrobatic celebration will be a highlight of the forthcoming game.
Christian Pulisic’s Eye of the Tiger celebration includes putting his forearm over his face to show a tiger’s visage. If you score with the American international, you should certainly do this.

Diogo Jota’s ‘Gamer’ celebration is renowned since it was originally done in a game that caused him to withdraw from an esports event. Jota appears just as excellent off the field as on.
Fans want the Griddy introduced to FIFA 23 since Pulisic and Anthony Elanga utilised it last season. The Griddy was created by American football star Allen Davis, so get accustomed to it now while you can.
This collection of new celebrations gives you an understanding of how to tease your opponent.

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