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Guilty Gear Strive Tier List (November 2023): Update List

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List: If you are a lover of fighting games chances are you have been familiar with Guilty Gear. Guilty Gear series. If you are a fan of Guilty Gear Strive then you are likely to be interested in the Tier list. Tier lists are an order of merit system which assigns characters to various level based on their strength and ability to play the game. We will present with an extensive Guilty Gear Strive Tier list to assist you in selecting the most suitable player for your style of play.

What is a Tier list?

Before we get deep into Guilty Gear Strive tier lists let us first be aware of the meaning of a tier list. A Tier list is a rating method used by players to evaluate the viability and strength of characters in the game. The characters are classified into different tiers according to their strength overall and effectiveness within the game. The higher the level that character is stronger.

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List

Guilty Gear Strive tier list

Let us get back to the primary issue of this article that is what is the Guilty Gear Strive tier list. Below list characters from the game as well as their tier rankings:

S Tier

  • Sol
  • Ramlethal

A Tier

  • Chipp
  • Giovanna
  • Nagoriyuki
  • Ky
  • Faust
  • Millia
  • Zato-1

B Tier

  • May
  • Leo
  • Axl
  • Anji
  • Potemkin

C Tier

  • Axel
  • I-no

It is important to familiar with this list of tier is not a fixed set and can be modified in time as player learn new method and strategies. But it is a great starting point for those who want to select the most reliable and effective character.

How do you select an individual character based on the Tier list

Selecting a character solely on their tier rank is not always the best option. While it is true that players with higher levels are generally stronger it is essential to pick a character who matches your preferred style of play. If for instance you are a fan of agile and quick characters, you might be interested in one from either the S or A tier like Chipp and Sol.

However If you are looking for more of a slow and defensive style of play you might think about an opponent in either the C or B tier like I-no or May. In the end the ideal option to choose is the one you enjoy playing and one that is in line with your playing style.

Tips for playing Guilty Gear Strive

Now that we have covered the Guilty Gear Strive tier list let us take a look at some tips for playing the game:


As with any fighting game practice is key. Spend time in training mode to learn your character moves and combos and practice them until they become second nature.

Learn the mechanics

Guilty Gear Strive has several unique mechanics that can give you an advantage if you understand them. For example the Roman Cancel allows you to cancel an attack and continue your combo while the Dust Attack can launch your opponent into the air and set up a juggle.

Watch and learn

High level game can show you what your character can do and help you better. Online groups let you study and learn from pros.

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Who is the strongest character in Guilty Gear Strive Game?

When it comes to playing Guilty Gear Strive it is not easy to identify a definitive “strongest” character since it largely depends on the individual player skill level and preferred style of play. However certain characters are widely recognized as strong based on their range of tools and in game option.

Currently characters like Sol, Ramlethal, and Giovanna are often mentioned as popular picks due to their ability to deal high damage execute unpredictable moves and move around the game arena with agility. Nevertheless the game balance can shift over time as gamers continue to explore new techniques and strategies.

It is important to remember that even if a particular character is considered strong there is no guarantee that they will always win in a match. Guilty Gear Strive is a complex game with multiple variables and a player skill level and decision making abilities can significantly impact the outcome of a match.

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Is Happy Chaos the strongest?

The determination of whether Happy Chaos is the strongest character in Guilty Gear Strive can be an uphill task. While he is blessed with abilities , like time-stoppers and zoning techniques that make him a formidable opponent but his overall power is dependent on a variety of aspects. This includes the player’s skill level, matchup and the situation of the game. It’s the player’s responsibility to choose which character fits their style of play best and the most effectively apply their talents to be successful.


In the end we can say that this Guilty Gear Strive tier list can be a useful tool to players in deciding their characters and identify the strengths as well as weaknesses of each. But it is essential to remember that experience and training are the primary aspects in winning games. Do not let yourself be discouraged when you pick a character from the lower levels because it is still possible to win with determination and the right skills. Enjoying the game is most essential. Always keep learning practicing how to improve to be certain to be an effective adversary in the game of Guilty Gear Be determined.

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