All Of Us Are Dead Codes: Latest Codes (April 2024)

All Of Us Are Dead Codes: Free game gear and buffs are great. You may get amazing bonuses using All Of Us Are Dead codes. All Of Us Are Dead is a popular Roblox game, so these codes will likely be changed often. We’ve included all the live and expired All Of Us Are Dead coupons below.

All Of Us Are Dead Codes (April 2024)

You want a list of active All Of Us Are Dead coupons. These codes frequently provide free tickets and firearms, and who can refuse free stuff? Here are All Of Us Are Dead’s active codes:

All Of Us Are Dead Codes
50kLoads of free flames! (NEW CODE)
45kLoads of free flames!
like10kRedeem this code to get 80 tickets

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All Of Us Are Dead Expired Coupons (April 2024)

We have a collection of All Of Us Are Dead expired codes if you wish to attempt them. There’s no harm in attempting if you’re already inputting current All Of Us Are Dead coupons.

40kLoads of free flames!
30kLoads of free flames!
20kLoads of free flames!

Redeeming All Of Us Are Dead Coupons

Of course, if you don’t know how to utilise the codes for exciting new items, what good are they? If you want to get access to all the free items, be sure you do the following actions:

  • Load up All Of Us Are Dead
  • Go to the gift box location, close to the spawn area
  • Type the codes into the box
  • Press enter to redeem the code

That completes our list of valid and expired All Of Us Are Dead codes, providing you with all the details you need to take full use of them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is All of Us Are Dead based in?

The series centers on a group of high school students in the fictional South Korean city of Hyosan, and their struggle to survive amidst a zombie outbreak. 

What kind of virus in All of Us Are Dead?

Zombies are the main antagonists of All of Us Are Dead. They are zombified living beings infected with the Jonas Virus, which was created by Dr. Lee Byeong-chan with the intention of removing fear from humanity.

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