Release Date of Portal RTX

Portal RTX was introduced at NVIDIA’s GeForce Beyond conference, giving the iconic first-person puzzler a new aesthetic. Portal is one of the most praised video games of all time, and it’s still spoken about today. Some folks may finally test out Portal with the RTX remaster later this year. Check out our primer on the game release date.

Portal RTX Release Date

Portal RTX Release Date

The game’s release date was announced during NVIDIA’s GeForce Beyond presentation. Without a definite date, it’s likely the remastered Portal might be delayed. Once a release date is set, we’ll update this guide.

Free DLC will be provided for PC gamers who own Portal on Steam.

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Portal RTX, What is it?

Portal RTX was introduced during NVIDIA’s GeForce Beyond presentation in September. This version of Portal supports RTX, which enables real-time ray tracing.

Ray tracing replicates an image’s effects by tracing rays projected between pixels. Ray tracing gives games more realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections. RTX will reduce your PC’s performance, thus it’s only worth playing if you have a high-end system. The game’s specifics may be announced closer to launch.
Now you know when the game will be released.

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