How to make end portals in Minecraft April 2024

How to make end portals in Minecraft: End portals are the only means to find the Ender Dragon and enter the End Biome in Minecraft. Continue reading to learn how to create a Minecraft end portal.

In Minecraft, an End Portal is a structure found within a Stronghold that is used to access the End dimension. The End dimension is a separate world from the Overworld (the main Minecraft world), and is home to the Ender Dragon, a powerful boss mob that must be defeated in order to access the outer islands of the End.

The End Portal can be found in the Portal Room of a Stronghold, which players must find using Eye of Ender. Once activated, the End Portal can be used to travel to the End dimension.

How to Make a Minecraft End Portal

The End Portal is a special structure in Minecraft that allow player to enter the End Biome. They have two option for obtaining one: build it yourself or look for pre-built frames in stronghold. Here’s how you can construct one yourself.

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The ingredients you’ll need to build an end portal in Minecraft are listed below.

  • 12 Eyes of Ender
  • 12 End Portal Frames

Making the End Portal from the ground up

Making their own End Portal with the following two resources is one of the simplest ways for players to travel to the End biome. You must construct the End Portal while standing still and laying portal frames in a circle around you. This is required to guarantee that the Ender Eyes are facing the correct direction in order to activate the portal.

1.Create a frame

Begin by constructing an end portal frame out of 12 end portal frames. Construct one side with three frame then turn around and construct the other side with three more pieces. Make sure the green tab on these frames face inside of the portal.

how to make end portals in minecraft

For the next step turn to your right and add three end portal frame for the next side of the portal. Finally turn again to complete these last three frames. Here is an example:

Minecraft is now finished.

2. Complete the End Portal by inserting the Eye of Ender.

Once the frame is complete you must finish the end portal. To do this add Ender 12 eyes by standing in the centre of the portal and inserting each Eye into each brick of its respective frame.

how to make end portals in minecraft 2

No need for the 12th Eye of Ender since you’re already at the end. Planting this final Eye will activate the End Portal and send you into the End Biome, so take a step outside before planting your final Eye of Ender.

Final Words

Above we have detailed the entire process of creating an end portal in Minecraft so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of this topic.

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