How To Get Crying Obsidian In Minecraft Full Guide

Many players are still uncertain how to locate and use Crying Obsidian after the Minecraft Nether update. The answer: trade in a Piglin. We’ve created an additional guide that covers this subject thoroughly – be sure to check it out! This guide stands out due to its approach in learning and reading materials.

This article will instruct you on where and how to obtain Crying Obsidian in Minecraft. So without further ado, let’s dive right in with our comprehensive guide!

How to Use Crying Obsidian

Crying Obsidian can only be using in combination with glow stones on an art-making bench. Combining 6 Crying Obsidian blocks with three glow stones create the anchor for respawning which will cause you to respawn within the Nether and explode when used on Earth.

Recharging it with glowing stones allows for up to four charges, helping ensure you don’t fall off the edge when a terrifying ball throws you off guard. As more glow stones are added into the lamp its intensity could change creating an even more potent nether lamp.

How To Get Crying Obsidian In Minecraft Full Guide

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How To Get Crying Obsidian In Minecraft?

Crying Obsidian is an imminent block that can be found in snapshot of nether updates. It serves as both a decorative block and anchor for rising creatures. You can purchase this block by trading Piglin Ruined Portals and Bastion remnants for its equivalent.

Ruined Portals

Netherrack is an old ruin in all Overworld biomes. The natural terrain around it allows Netherrack creation from outside sources. Underground production creates air pockets around their dome.

Underground portals in the Nether Ruin raise the surface. Lava from ruin portal impacted Y levels 32 and 100. Nether rack replaced the lost lava here.

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On the ocean floor, portals that have been damaged often are equipped with Magma block in place of lava, creating a downward bubble column. One such portal was made out of Obsidian along with crying Obsidian for added effect.

Crying Obsidian can only be utilized to craft anchors for respawning in the nether portal, and some of its frames that have been destroyed may appear flat. In the realm of the dead, ruined portals are constructed out of stone, brick and iron bars; while in the nether realm they’re composed entirely of Blackstone variations and chains. There are 13 variants of damaged portals: 10 standard-sized models and three gigantic versions.

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in Baston, Remnants Trading using the help of a Piglin

With the 1.16 update to the Nether, a new structure was added: where do you locate Bastion fragments?

Hoglin stables and bridges is located within the Nether, along with the crimson forests and soul sand valley of Nether Waste (except for assault deltas). It consists of four distinct structures: Hoglin stables & bridges housing unit and treasure room – marked by an enormous wall bearing Piglin carvings.

The Piglin looks like an emaciated pigman and it’s bipedal. They live in the new biome of the Crimson Forest biome, usually seen with groups of adult pigs armed with gold eagle or crossbow weapons and wearing armor made of gold. There are also baby versions to be seen too. Be warned though – these pigs can be very aggressive; even if you wear gold armor that serves as camouflage they will still attack you regardless. To keep them away use soul lanterns or fire torches for protection or use soul lanterns/fire torches to keep them away.

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Trade with Piggins using gold ingots. To trade against an adult Piglin, click them right-clicking the gold nugget or throw the ingot to the ground; they will become inactive and pick up whatever item is thrown to them; in exchange for gold they may trade mushrooms, bricks and decaying flesh for other rarer items like shrimp or pork. In return you might get offered Obsidian, ender pearls or magma cream as well.

That is all we can provide you with. We hope this guide has been useful in helping you locate and utilize Crying Obsidian in Minecraft.

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