Shonen Anime that just aren’t long enough

Shonen Anime: Which Shonen Anime have few episodes owing to lack source material or creative mismanagement?
When the “Next Episode” indicator disappears and a Google search verifies the fan’s worst concerns, it’s one of the worst emotions in the world. After crying or yelling, one must face reality and choose another action-packed anime to binge-watch.
If these occurrences feel all too familiar and uncomfortable, observe the following series that finish too quickly and brace for abandonment difficulties when the credits roll. These epic experiences may be unfinished or short-lived, but a satisfying ending is not assured.

Shonen Anime

Assassination Classroom (47 Episodes) in Shonen Anime

Shonen Anime: When a tentacled monster takes over a ten-year-old classroom and adds death-defying acts, spectators know they’re in for a treat. The man who destroyed 70% of the Moon threatens to do the same to Earth unless he can educate children to murder. Class 3-E, the underdogs of Kunigigaoka Junior High School, are picked to develop their murder talents while enduring the other kids’ abuse (no biggie).

Koro-bounty Sensei’s spurs pupils to exercise their fatal abilities on him (with Tadaomi Karasuma and Irina Jelovic’s help), creating the ideal climate for slaughter. Assassination Classroom’s anime ran out of manga material after two seasons, therefore a third won’t be made.

Death Note (37 Episodes)

Shonen Anime: One of the most memorable anime series of the 21st century is also one of the shortest shonen, yet it was a good introduction for many anime beginners. Young Light Yagami plays God with the evil Ryuk, who kills anybody whose name is in the black book. When individuals start falling like flies, the police will become involved, and Light will have to reset his moral compass.
Despite Death Note’s success, Madhouse has already adapted all the original material. Not motivating is the fact that this great anime is prohibited (or unavailable) in numerous regions.

Trigun (26 Episodes)

Shonen Anime: Vash the Stampede is a peace-seeking hero who wants to live life to the fullest, but the reward on his head draws drama. Vash’s “Love and Peace!” excursions invariably end in bloodshed as he tries to defend the innocent (and himself) from No Man’s Land’s villains.

This 1998 anime presented a gunslinger with a deep plot filled with moral conflicts and hilarious action. Trigun ends as Vash fights his final foe, Knives Millions, although Nightow has since produced additional Manga (after some publication issues). Trigun Stampede will return to Crunchyroll in 2023 thanks to Studio Orange.

Blue Exorcist (25 Episodes)

Shonen Anime: Blue Exorcist was one of the most popular anime of the 2011 summer, however, it ended after two brief seasons six years apart (and a random OVA.) Satan’s sons learn to balance Assiah and Gehenna at True Cross Academy.
Rin and Yukio’s tale ends on a cliffhanger, leaving fans with unresolved questions With 26 volumes to adapt, there’s no need to stop, and fans want a renewal.

The Promised Neverland (12 Episodes)

Shonen Anime: Emma, Norman, and Ray must escape a perverted orphanage that regards its young inmates as valuable commodities. Yukko, housekeeper. The Grace Field House gives off horror/thriller feelings, while the tale combines fantasy and science-fiction components, making The Promised Neverland a mishmash of unanticipated clich├ęs (and jump-scares!).

The 2018 “Shogakukan Manga Award” winner should have more thought-provoking material. After Season 2’s disastrous premiere, many Manga fans demanded the anime’s cancellation due to plot revisions.

Tekken: Bloodlines (6 Episodes)

Shonen Anime: Jin Kazama had 2.5 hours to celebrate Bandai Namco Entertainment’s famous video game series. Jin is groomed by his less-than-affectionate grandpa to avenge his mother’s murder. A tournament is staged to find the Ancient Ogre, and other fan-favorite characters also shine.
Tekken: Bloodlines satisfies many fans with its spectacular artwork and appropriate fanservice, while others want more plot. Netflix might have drawn inspiration from Tekken 3 to generate more dramatic material for its anime adaption, but it didn’t.

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Spriggan (6 Episodes)

Shonen Anime: Spriggan’s six episodes are longer than Tekken’s, since each leads Yuu Ominae on a separate journey to explore the secrets of an extraterrestrial culture that previously walked the world. This masterpiece blends sci-fi, spooky, and cyberpunk motifs. This 1989 anime series has a (hard-to-find) movie and a resurrection by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s creators.

Yuu links up with fellow Spriggan Jean Jacquemondo to preserve Noah’s Ark from the villainous US Machine Corps. Netflix only has 11 volumes of Manga to reference, so there’s no incentive to expand the series beyond six episodes.

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