How to Board LeChuck’s Ship: Return to Monkey Island

How to Board LeChuck’s Ship: Before boarding LeChuck’s ship, players must disguise Guybrush’s identity from the quartermaster. After making a mop, players must disguise Guybrush so he may join LeChuck’s pirate ship. Simple cosmetics won’t work to mislead the ghostly quartermaster, so gamers will need to think beyond the box.
As in other Monkey Island games, players must use voodoo magic and a secret item on Melee Island. To obtain it, they must solve a few obstacles and contact the Voodoo Lady to restore the item’s identity hiding spell.
Players will require two Monocles and a Carnivorous Plant if they didn’t previously create a mop. The latter may be obtained by using the knife on a green plant in the Deep Dark Forest, where players cut their mop handle. Monocles can be grabbed from Wally’s desk at the Low Street map store. After taking the first monocle, players must leave and reenter the shop to get the second.

How to Board LeChuck’s Ship

How to Board LeChuck's Ship

How to Board LeChuck’s Ship: Assuming players have the required goods, they should visit the Museum of Pirate Lore near the Deep Dark Forest entrance. Once inside, they should unlock their inventory and combine the two Monocles to read the display case lock. Next, they should enter the storage via the entrance in the museum’s rear right corner and take the freeer Mix.

Players should return to the locksmith opposite the prison on High Street to get the Museum Display Case Key. After giving the locksmith the freeer mix, she’ll let Guybrush help himself to the freeers on the parrot’s dish. With these two artefacts, it’s time to return to the museum and take Guybrush’s disguise.

How to Board LeChuck’s Ship: Once inside the museum, give the parrot a freeer and use the key to take the Eyepatch. If they fail to feed the parrot a freeer or take too long to open the case and retrieve the patch, it will sound the alarm and notify the museum’s curator, requiring players to leave and re-enter the museum to reset the problem.

Fans may inspect familiar objects at the museum. They may reminisce about Guybrush’s prior experiences by finding allusions to the original two Monkey Island titles. Those in a hurry may go as soon as they get the eyepatch.

Players should return to the Dock and wear the eyepatch near LeChuck’s ship when ready. The eyepatch isn’t functioning properly, therefore gamers must take it to the Voodoo Lady on High Street. She’ll ask for the Bite of a Thousand Needles, so give her the carnivorous plant from the Deep Dark Forest.

After a cutscene and a voodoo ritual, Guybrush’s eyepatch is restored, giving him a zombie-like look. Players may then return to the docks and put on the eyepatch. Guybrush’s look will alter, and presenting the quartermaster his improvised mop will get him employment.

Those seeking to finish all of Guybrush’s lesser chores should wait to return to the quartermaster until they have, since becoming a swabbie ends Part 1. When players next control the pirate, the ship will have left Melee Island, bringing Part 2 of Return to Monkey Island, A Dangerous Journey.

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