FTL Ship Tier List Ship Rankings April 2024

Are You Needing FTL Ship Tier List 2024 So You Can Select An Ideal Vessel For Game? Look No Further

FTL Ship Tier List Ship Rankings

Due to an abundance of FTL Ship Tier Lists available online, we decided that we could create and publish our own. To do this, we divided 28 ships into five primary categories representing distinct levels of overall power – each representing five primary tiers with similar power levels; relative strengths within tiers may not always match up precisely; nonetheless these 28 are all approximately on par.

Assigning ratings to ships under the challenging difficulty option was designed with two primary goals in mind – defeating rebel flagship and quickly and effortlessly winning game quickly and easily were our priority goals in assigning ratings for ships in this difficulty setting. Accumulating high points does not add additional weight for using teleporter technology when boarding ships (although scrap rewards have been factored into scoring calculations).

FTL Ship Tier List Ship Rankings 2023

Rankings were determined based on how they would be utilized by an experienced player, including ships like Engi A that are easy to operate without adding extra weight; overall though this rating remains subjective; gunboats tend to be faster than boarding ships in terms of our preference – and while no attempt was made at manipulating this final tally. So let the ranking of fast spacecraft commence!

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The Best Ship for Faster-Than-Light Travel, Tier S

S FTL ShipTier List
Lanius BTier – S
Crystal BTier – S
Zoltan BTier – S

Check out the full list below to see which ships are at the top of the S FTLtier straight out of the hangar and which ones may become absurdly overpowered with enough upgrades and personnel.

A Tier – FTL Ship Tier List

A FTL tier list already has pretty great ships but needs better equipment and upgrades to be just like awesome.

A FTL ShipTier List
Kestrel CTier – A
Stealth ATier – A
Fed ATier – A
Kestrel BTier – A
Slug CTier – A
Zoltan ATier – A
Mantis BTier – A
Rock BTier – A

B Tier – FTL Ship TierList

B FTL tierlist good ships once certain equipment & more upgrades are acquired

B FTL ShipTier List
Crystal ATier – B
Kestrel ATier – B
Lanius ATier – B
Mantis ATier – B
Engi CTier – B
Rock CTier – B

C Tier – FTL Ship Tier List

C FTL tierlist pretty average ships that require more skilled play and also some luck to unlock their true potential.

C FTL ShipTier List
Engi ATier – C
Slug ATier – C
Mantis ATier – C
Fed BTier – C
Zoltan CTier – C

D Tier – FTL Ship Tier List

D FTL tier list not very good ships that require extra serious RNG to make actually work

D FTL ShipTier List
Fed CTier – D
Stealth CTier – D
Mantis CTier – D

F Tier – FTL Ship Tier List

F FTL tier list that is terrible ships and almost impossible to win with in the game

F FTL ShipTier List
Stealth BTier – F
Rock ATier – F
Engi BTier – F
Slug BTier – F

Words of Conclusiveness

As we hope our FTL Advanced Edition ship tierlist can assist in making decisions when playing, we encourage you to also read up on our rankings of best and worst games currently available. If this list has piqued your curiosity, check back frequently as more are being added every month!

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