Ukrainian Astronomers claim UFOs Over Kyiv

Ukrainian astronomers claim UFOs over kyiv: Ukrainian researchers claim UFOs are spying on Vladimir Putin’s conflict. Experts keeping watch over the skies of the invaded country have reported a series of sightings of objects they have been unable to identify. They claim the craft can travel at speeds of up to 15 kilometers per second, making it extremely difficult to spot and photograph.

UFO sightings over Kyiv, say Ukrainian astronomers:

UFOs, according to researchers, are everywhere, so officials in Ukraine have mandated the installation of two meteor monitoring stations to keep an eye out for them. Black phantoms, which appear to absorb radiation, and luminous cosmics, “which are brighter than the background of the sky,” have both been recorded.

Ukrainian astronomers claim UFOs over kyiv

In a research report, Ukrainian experts from the National Academy of Science and the Main Astronomical Observatory in Kyiv, the nation’s capital, revealed their findings.

US Investigating

The new findings make sense in light of the fact that 144 UFO sightings by Top Gun military pilots are being looked into by authorities in the United States.

The Department of Defense has begun an investigation to determine whether or not the unidentified planes in question are, in fact, cutting-edge weaponry designed and manufactured by possibly hostile states.

However, witnesses indicate that most moved much too quickly for it to be possible that they were caused by any technology that is already in use on Earth.

  • Recent reports have indicated the presence of similarly mysterious aircraft over the encircled territories of Ukraine.
  • According to the research study, “They are present in every single place.”
  • We see a considerable proportion of items whose characteristics are not readily discernible.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena I. Observations Of Events is the title of the document that details sightings made at observatories in Kyiv and Vinarivka, which are located around 120 kilometres apart.

What researcher said

Researchers stated that in order to record the motions of the drones, they were required to “fine-tune” the equipment’s “shutter speed, frame rate, and dynamic range.”

They stated, “We have created a specific observation approach taking into account the fast speeds of the seen objects,” which was their explanation for their innovation.

  • At distances of up to 10–12 kilometres, it has been reported that phantom-like objects had been spotted in the troposphere.
  • According to the researchers, “We estimate their size to be between 3 and 12 metres and speeds up to 15 kilometres per hour.”
  • “Flights of single, group, and squadron ships travelling at speeds ranging from 3 to 15 degrees per second were observed,” said the report. The experts claim that it is not possible to determine what the craft actually is.

Boris Zhilyaev, who was the principal researcher on the article, declined to respond to the news website VICE News, which covers current events online.


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