In Anime Rifts Race Tier List (April 2024) New Update

Anime Rifts Race Tier List April 2024 :Because there are so many distinct races based on well-known animes, an anime rifts tier list is necessary. This Roblox-only game was created by Adventures Unleashed. The races in this game were modelled by characters from popular mangas like Dragon Ball and One Piece.

A game that provides a variety of racial options is also likely to have some that are better than others. The April 2024 Anime Rifts race Tier List is now available without further ado.

First off, I want to be clear that this is just my opinion of the best Anime Rifts races. Sometimes you’ll feel that one race is superior to the others and you’ll question if they’ve been unjustly downgraded. But what? That race may nevertheless serve as the foundation for your character.

In Anime Rifts Race Tier List (April 2024)

BeerusS Tier
CerealianS Tier
DemonS Tier
MinkA Tier
Toppo’s RaceA Tier
AngelA Tier
WhisA Tier
Hit’s RaceB Tier
SaiyanB Tier
AndroidB Tier
Bojack RaceC Tier
NamekianC Tier
Buter’s RaceC Tier
Dodoria’s RaceC Tier
Heeter RaceC Tier
SkypieanD Tier
Half SaiyanD Tier
HumanD Tier
BabyD Tier
In Anime Rifts Race Tier List (2023) New Update

The S Tier races are the best in the whole game. Tier A ones represent a suitable middle ground between S and A. In my perspective, the races in the B Tier are rather great. Tier C is sufficient, however Tier D should be avoided. Let’s have a look at the Tier List now

Anime Rifts Tier List – S Tier

Beerus → S Tier
Cerealian → S Tier
Anime Rifts Tier List – A Tier
Toppo’s Race → A Tier
Demon → A Tier
Angel → A Tier
Mink → A Tier
Whis → A Tier

Anime Rifts Tier List – B Tier

Bojack Race → B Tier
Hit’s Race → B Tier
Android → B Tier
Saiyan → B Tier

Anime Rifts Tier List – C Tier

Dodoria’s Race → C Tier
Buter’s Race → C Tier
Heeter Race → C Tier
Half Saiyan → C Tier
Namekian → C Tier

Anime Rifts Tier List – D Tier

Namekian → D Tier
Skypiean → D Tier
Human → D Tier
Baby → D Tier

That concludes our April 2024 Anime Rifts race Tier list. If you enjoyed this one, be sure to check out our other Tier Lists or visit Roblox for more helpful instructions.

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