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“Just saiyan” is a catchphrase common among fans of the popular anime and manga series “Dragon Ball”. It is a pun on the phrase “I’m just saying” and the fictitious Saiyan species that exists in the Dragon Ball universe Just saiyan: reviews.

Just saiyan: Origin

At first it wasn’t entirely certain where this pun originated from; however, it appears to have gained currency after Dragon Ball Z was dubbed in English-speaking countries. Once Dragon Ball Z aired on Toonami a block of shows produced by Cartoon Network – viewers began using the phrase online.

Just saiyan reviews
Just saiyan reviews


On September 28, 2010 the abridging group Team Four Star used the phrase “Just Sai yan” in their 18th episode of Dragon Ball Z Abridged (shown below, left). On November 5th 2014 Gokuflex posted a YouTube fitness video entitled “Just Sai-yan”, showing viewers how to achieve a Sai yan-like physique (see below, right).

Just saiyan reviews

The quality and attention to detail are outstanding. It makes me feel heroic and iconic, just like Mirio Togata did when he wore it. It’s ideal for all workout movements, especially deadlifts and barbell rows, thanks to the material. Anyone who wants to feel like their favorite character while crushing their goals should certainly check out the Skins line.

How long does it take for Saiyan gear to arrive?

Our gear is meticulously handcrafted by our JS-TEAM from only the highest quality Italian fabrics, guaranteeing you nothing short of extraordinary quality. Handcrafting each piece takes 20–25 business days before delivery.


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