Fasha Saiyan Army Only Female Member: Bio and Personality

Fasha Saiyan Army Only Female Member: Bio and Personality: Fasha, or Celipa, as she is known in the Japanese version, is a member of the Saiyan Army and the lone female member of the ultimate version of Team Bardock.

Fasha super Saiyan: Biography

In one episode of Dragon Ball Z, Fasha makes a brief appearance alongside Bardock and Tora as Frieza recalls the many Saiyans he has killed.

Fasha Saiyan Army Only Female Member: Bio and Personality

Based on Toyotar’s speculation, Fasha and the rest of the team are with Tora when he receives the command to return from Leek in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Dodoria and two of her subordinates then kill them.

Fasha Saiyan Army: Personality

Fasha is a skilled and brutal warrior, but she also has a strong sense of teamwork and honour, as do the other members of the squad and most Saiyans. Showing her maternal side, she referred to Bardock’s son as a “little tike” in a conversation about him.

She had a fierce temper that made her wild in battle, but Bardock says she was more reliable than the typical warrior trash you see, so it’s clear he had high opinions of her as a fighter despite this. This is shown in Xenoverse 2.


Fasha is a normal-sized guy with a bit of muscle and a white complexion. She has purple eyes and Videl’s second hairdo, which is flat with trimmed spiky bangs. She’s decked out in pink bodysuit and Battle Armor. She, like all Saiyans in Universe 7, wears her tail as a belt. Both her gloves and boots are white, and she accessorises with a green scouter and gleaming gold studs. One of her legs is covered in long golden leg warmers, and the other is covered in a white legband.


  • The Japanese pronunciation of “parsley,” from which Fasha gets her anagramic name, is (and not “celery” like most people thought).
  • Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru punned on the word “corn” when he first gave her name.
  • Fasha originally had shoulder plates for his battle armour in Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru’s concept art for the film. There was something that looked like a skirt attached to her waist. Her hair was thicker and fuller (like Ranfan’s) as well.
  • It’s clear that Akira Toriyama revised these after he finished his initial draught of the characters.
  • Because of a translation mistake, the initial Brazilian dub cast Fasha in the masculine role. Rodrigo Andreatto, who previously dubbed young Vegeta in the TV special, provided his talents as her voice actor. In the re-dub, the problem was fixed.
  • Fasha’s Great Ape form in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 has the same roar as Frieza’s Intermediate or Ultimate form.
  • Moreover, this is the first time that Shane Ray does not provide the voice for a female Great Ape (as with non-controlled apes).
  • Fasha is the first fully human female Saiyan to be introduced by name, and the only one to have her transformation into a Great Ape displayed on screen.
  • Together with Gine, she is the only other confirmed female member of Team Bardock. With Gine’s departure, however, she was the sole woman in the group in its final form.
  • Color 08 is Bardock’s costume in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and it’s a recolor of Fasha’s Battle Armor.


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