Quico (El Chavo del Ocho) Character: Bio, Personality and More

Quico, often known as Kiko, is the show’s deuteragonist and the antagonist of El Chavo del Ocho. In the live-action series, he was played by Mexican actor Carlos Villagran, while Sebastián Llapur provided his voice in the animated adaptation.

Chavo, the protagonist, views him as both a buddy and an archenemy. Among the children who live in Seor Barriga’s neighbourhood, Quico is the richest and most spoilt. He and his overprotective mother, Dona Florinda, who frequently indulges him by buying him treats and toys with his allowance and who will stop at nothing to keep him safe from Don Ramón, call apartment 14 home.

Quico: Biography

Before Quico was born, his father, a sailor called Federico, was killed by a shark and eaten. Since his father died, he visits your house every day in the hopes that his mother would find a new father or mother, and he and his siblings consider their instructor, Jirafales, to be the ideal parent. Having a square ball is also one of his top priorities.


Quico’s mother evidently taught him to look down on people of lower socioeconomic class, yet he does so because he believes it is right to obey your mother’s orders no matter how wrong they may be. His mother and he had given in to the expectation that their poor neighbours would be there to celebrate the holidays with them. The character was the lead in several comedic series, including El Chavo del Ocho, Federico, Kiko Botones, and Ah Que Kiko. Quico is redeemed in this series, becoming an upstanding youngster.

Qico Personality

Quico is frequently portrayed as a bully who likes to enviously eye his friends’ candies and toys (particularly Chavo’s), but is constantly reprimanded and takes beating the other children in the area. Despite the fact that Quico and his pals frequently set up fights with Chavo, they nevertheless manage to remain good friends despite the racial tensions that exist between them.

Similarly to Chavo, he demonstrates to be a complete moron, perhaps even more so because his pals frequently take advantage of him and Chavo by taking advantage of their mutual lack of brains (especially by Chilindrina). Quico’s idiocy is a constant source of frustration for the adults around him, who are regularly pushed to the brink of exhaustion by his inane and occasionally insulting text messages.


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