Kali Belladonna Personality, Physique and More

Kali Belladonna Personality, Physique, and More: Blake Belladonna’s mother is Kali Belladonna. She is married to Ghira Belladonna, the leader of the Menagerie tribe. She first shows up in “The Glass Menagerie” when she answers the door to her house and hugs her daughter.

Kali Belladonna Personality
Kali Belladonna Personality, Physique and More

Kali Belladonna: Personality

Kind and friendly, Kali loves her husband and daughter very much. She shows that she is a very good mother to Blake. She is also very kind, and even though she thinks Vale has problems, she is saddened by the attack on the city. In “A Much Needed Talk,” Kali compares Blake’s quietness to Sun Wukong’s friendliness and says that she wants to hear more about Team RWBY from Sun Wukong. This shows that Kali likes to talk to other people.

As “Alone Together” shows, Kali can be very brave and fearless. In that story, she shoots at members of White Fang and yells at them to leave her house. Like her daughter, Kali seems to love eating fish, and tuna is her favorite.

Kali Belladonna Physique

As a cat Faunus with black hair and yellow eyes, Kali looks a lot like her daughter, though her ears are a lot bigger and have more fur on them. Kali has short hair and three gold piercings in her cat ears, two on her right and one on her left. She wears a black hakama, white tabi socks, and sandals. She wears a black shrug over her outfit. It has a long right sleeve and a short left sleeve, and the front opening is trimmed with gold leaves. She wears black arm warmers that are long enough to reach her middle finger. On the left warmer, a purple band is tied around the top, and two gold bracelets are wrapped around the wrists. A black and gold sash wraps around her waist and trails behind her. The end of the sash has a gold flower-shaped buckle.

The purple band on her arm is a sign of her marriage to Ghira, since most people on Remnant use colors on their clothes or bodies to show how close they are to each other.

Power and Skills

In “Alone Together,” she shows that she knows how to use a gun. In “True Colors,” it’s also shown that she’s strong enough to use a tray to knock Yuma out.

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