Ark Terror Bird: How to tame the Terror Bird in ARK?

Ark Terror Bird: Survival Evolved is a survival-crafting game where danger lurks around every corner. The Terror Bird personifies this idea because it is tiny, quick, and extremely lethal to game characters. You may have your own flock of Terror Birds, and the good news is that all it takes is a little bit of planning.

Terror Birds are dangerous for two reasons: their speed and the fact that they frequently travel in groups. Terror Birds are a magnificent method of intertribal warfare, as a group of three or four can kill a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Ark Terror Bird

Ark Terror Bird

Usually a group of three or four Terror Birds will spawn together and continue to hunt together even after they mature into adults. For this reason, and because they are also quite fast, melee weapons are not an effective way to fight these beasts. Keep your long-range weaponry ready and try to avoid getting on the ground. Grappling hooks are similarly effective against Therizinosaurus, reducing the danger they pose to almost nothing.

Typically, the Terror Birds of The Island will lay their eggs in or near the Redwood trees. Rarely, if the cell is still functioning, they can travel far from their original location because most predators avoid them.

How to tame the Terror Bird in ARK?

Here’s the best way to catch a Terror Bird: Since Terror Birds frequently roam in groups, it is recommended that you use a bola or bear trap to capture your Terror Bird and either kill the other members of the group or capture and tame them.

If you manage to pin him down, keep firing at him until he collapses.

Keep in mind that even if you manage to incapacitate a lone Terror Bird, the rest of its pack may still be in the area and ready to pounce at any moment. As a result, keep a vigilant lookout.

In order to domesticate them, you must first knock them out and then feed them meat or kibble. Using the Narcotic or Narcoberries is the most effective way to keep the Terror Bird at bay and the Stun at a maximum. The Terror Bird’s ability to stun quickly wears off, so plan accordingly.

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Using techniques developed for taming the Terror Bird,

There are few faster ground mounts than a Terror Bird in Ark. Though they have wings, these creatures are unable to fly and must instead glide from heights. The tame is most suited for a position in tribal scouting due to its low carry weight, albeit this limits the amount of gear that may be taken on a mission by its riders.

The Dodo tactic can be overcome with high-damage, difficult-to-hit creatures by taming swarms of Terror Birds. However, given its relatively light load, it is not recommended that these creatures be ridden into a fierce conflict.


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