Mare Barrow Personality, Physique, Abilities and More

Mare Barrow Personality, Physique, Abilities and More: Mare Molly Barrow is a member of the Scarlet Guard. She is a newblood and also goes by the names Mareena Titanos and The Lightning Girl. She has the ability to use electricity.

Mare was born to Ruth and Daniel Stilts, and she grew up there with her family. She was born into an impoverished Red family that was destined to serve the Silver elites, nobles with silver blood and varied superhuman skills. She also has a younger sister named Gisa and three elder brothers named Bree, Tramy, and Shade.

Mare was very close to her brother Shade as they were growing up, but she resented Gisa, who was talented in embroidering. Mare started stealing to help her family make ends meet when they fell on hard times. Childhood best friend Kilorn Warren loses his job a few months before she turns 18; this means that he will be drafted into the army soon after her 18th birthday. She, concerned for his safety, negotiates a deal with Captain Farley, an agent of the Scarlet Guard, to secure their escape.

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Mare Barrow Personality

Mare has a reputation for resentment in her small town. In the most supportive way, her mother confirms her suspicions that she is actually more resilient than her sister Gisa. But she has a strong sense of humor and does everything she can to safeguard her family. Most Reds, including Mare, have a strong distaste for Silvers.

Since Maven Calore’s betrayal, she has been much more private. She begins to isolate herself from her loved ones, to the point where she and some of her allies stop communicating for weeks. As her new monster tries to consume her humanity, she acquires the abhorrent habit of coldly murdering Silvers. Cal informs her after an argument that she “has no affection for anybody,” including him.

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Exact Physique: Mare Barrow Height

In terms of physique, Mare is short and skinny. Her eyes are brown, and her skin is a pale golden brown. Her hair is brown at the roots and gradually turns gray with age. Mare energy is purple, so she dyed some of her graying ends to match. Mare was branded with a ‘M’ on her collarbone and has scars all over her neck and back from when Maven attacked her.

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Despite having Red blood, Mare possesses the mutation that gives her Silver-like abilities. Because of her status as an electricon, Mare is capable of creating and manipulating electrical storms. Electricity in Mare is purple and white. Storms of lightning and web lightning are both within her abilities. Mare has the ability to turn on and off cameras, lights, and other technological devices just by sensing their electrical current.

Since she started stealing at a young age, Mare’s feet and hands have developed incredible dexterity and speed. She moves deftly amongst the people. Mare moves with an elegance and grace that is more akin to a warrior’s than a dancer’s.


  • Factoid Kilorn once dared Mare to jump from a porch, and she fractured her leg. They attempted to pay for her cast with half of their savings.
  • One of Aveyard’s quotes about what music Mare might listen to on a future iPod was: “electronic, by artists like Daft Punk and Avicii, with additional selections from artists like Sia, Florence, Halsey, and Lorde. EVANESCENCE and MCR like the little faux-punk she is.”
  • Aveyard has previously indicated that Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) from “The 100” would be the ideal character for Mare.
  • In moments of rage, Mare often spits.
  • When asked in King’s Cage if she would dye her hair purple like the other electricons, Mare answered she wouldn’t. However, in War Storm, Mare agreed to have Gisa color the tips of her gray hair purple.
    Before Mare’s sister was drafted, she had saved enough for a pair of earrings to present her.


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