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Ramila Scarlet is the owner and head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Sakuya and Meiling’s mistress, and Flandre’s older sister (and guardian). Even though she looks young and often acts badly, she has scary magical skills and a reputation to match. Everyone in Gensokyo knows her as the dangerous “Scarlet Devil.”

She is photosensitive, like other vampires, and weakens when exposed to sunlight, so she spends the day hiding in her mansion (which has few windows to keep light out) and emerges at night. Despite the fact that she is infamous for drinking human blood, her modest appetite means that her victims seldom die from their wounds.

Remilia Scarlet: About

While it is possible to befriend her despite her self-centered and brattish conduct, humans and youkai alike prefer to avoid her. Her name, appearance, home, and attire all suggest that she is of European descent and that she immigrated to Japan many years ago (her reason is unknown). She claims to be a descendant of Count Vlad epeş Dracul, the world’s most famous vampire, although this is a complete falsehood.

Remilia Scarlet
Remilia Scarlet

Remilia Scarlet: Story

Once, Remilia decided to release a mist over Gensokyo to block out the sun and allow her to walk freely during the day in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil; once her plan was found and thwarted, she was forced to wear a parasol to shade herself when she wished to move around during the day (as mentioned in Immaterial and Missing Power). Because the conflict would take place at night, she set out to punish those who snatched the full moon from the night sky in Imperishable Night. In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, she solves her “own” case by telling Sakuya to pull the suspects toward her to find the culprit. She later figures out that the person who did it is above the mountains, where she is especially sensitive to light. In Silent Sinner in Blue, she built a rocket to travel to the moon.

Remilia Scarlet: Appearance

  • short light-blue hair, red eyes, and a pair of black bat-like wings on the back. wears a bright red mob headgear and outfit with a pink mob cap. short in stature.
  • (Alternate outfit (Palette) for Touhou 7.5 and 10.5). Her hair is similarly blonde, and her dress is crimson rather than pink. This color palette reminds me of something I’ve seen before…
  • (There are three Touhou levels: 6, 7.5, and 10.5)same as before, but she’s wearing a necklace that looks like a Caduceus.


Remilia is as childish as she looks, even though she tries to make herself seem like a scary and mysterious vampire aristocracy. Her long life has only helped to make her more bored, and she treasures whatever new thing she discovers. In Silent Sinner in Blue, she lets Yukari Yakumo use her because the opposite wouldn’t be interesting. The other people who live in Scarlet Devil Mansion spend most of their time catering to Remilia’s strange whims, like throwing parties, but she respects and appreciates their efforts.


  • Flandre Scarlet (Younger sister)
  • Patchouli Knowledge (Friend)
  • Sakuya Izayoi (Chief maid)
  • Hong Meiling (Gatekeeper)
  • Koakuma (Unknown)


  • She has been linked to Count Dracula’s genealogy due to the title of the prelude music to the final boss stage of Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil, “The Young Descendant of Tepes.” This is because Dracula’s full name is Vlad epeş Dracul. On the other hand, Zun disputed that she was related to the Dracul family, despite the fact that Remilia claims to be a descendent of Epeş in character. However, other fans believe she is lying.
  • Remilia, like most vampires, has the ability to shapeshift and can transform into a bat. Unlike other vampires, however, her wings stay visible even when she is in human form, making it impossible for her to pass as a human fully.
  • Remilia said in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense that she killed all the other vampires in Gensokyo when she came, but it was subsequently discovered that Remilia lied to Hidea no Akyu about some facts. So it’s possible that this is a falsehood.
  • Sakuya’s master, Remilia, is also the one who gave her the name Sakuya (according to Perfect Memento). Given Sakuya’s shady past and the rarity of a human becoming a vampire’s servant, the most likely explanation is that Sakuya was once a vampire hunter, and Remilia gained Sakuya’s servitude by defeating her in combat.
  • Remilia was born in the year 1502 according to Gensokyo’s timeline, making her, along with her sister and Toyosatomimi no Miko, one of the few characters whose birth dates are known.
  • The Gungnir, a spear characterized as having the capacity to always hit its target, is one of Remilia’s weapons. Remilia’s Gungnir, like Flandre’s iconic weapon, possesses strong magic, albeit at a lower level than Flandre’s Lvateinn.
  • Remilia’s appearance in the sixth Touhou game is just coincidental. She is the Stage 6 monster, and the player must fight through 6 spell cards on any playable difficulty level to defeat her (Remilia has 5 spell cards total, and Sakuya has 1 on that stage). When all of these digits are added up, the result is “666,” often known as the “Number Of The Beast.”
  • According to some fan works, Remilia may use her abilities to control fate unconsciously.It would be way too powerful otherwise. For example, if she had the ability to actively control someone’s fate, she could have made it Reimu’s destiny to lose to her. ZUN, on the other hand, has implied otherwise in Sakuya’s Perfect Memento in Strict Sense article, where Akyu speculates that Remilia may have influenced Sakuya’s fate in order for her to have a more pleasant relationship with other people. If it turns out to be the case, it means Remilia is capable of manipulating fate on purpose, or at least knowingly.
  • If the user adds a custom parasol system card to Remilia’s deck in Unthinkable Natural Law, she will be able to battle in stages outside.
  • Flandre Scarlet is reminiscent of one of her Scarlet Weather Rhapsody palettes. Another bears a striking resemblance to Koakuma. Another palette has a similar look to Mai or Sakuya Izayoi. In Touhou Hisoutensoku, the other alternate pallets resemble Patchouli Knowledge and Hong Meiling, respectively.
  • Remilia has a European look to her. It’s also possible that she’s Romanian. But this isn’t certain.
  • Septette for the Dead Princess, Remilia Scarlet’s theme, is based on Beethoven’s Virus Piano Sonata No.8 in C minor, Op 13 “Pathetique” 3 Rondo: Allegro.

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