Touhou Lost Word tier list: Best Characters

Touhou Lost Word tier list : This Touhou LostWord Tier List gives each character in the game a different rating based on how well they fight overall.

NextNinja’s Touhou Lost Word is a turn-based strategy and gacha game released in 2020. The game is set in a universe where a “lost word incident” occurs, causing words to vanish and wreaking chaos all over the place, jeopardising Gensokyo’s stability. To fight such huge havoc, a team of detectives has been assembled to locate and collect all of the lost words. As the protagonist character, you must journey across numerous universes and win the game in order to retrieve the missing words.

Touhou Lost Word tier list

Best Touhou Lost Word Tier List Guide Characters

This Touhou Lost Word tier list wiki will teach you what to reroll, how to reroll, and the JP tier list, which includes global English characters, to give you a head start in the game. So, without further ado, here is the Touhou Lost Word tier list and reroll guide:

Touhou Lost Word Tier List: Characters from Around the World

The characters in the following Touhou Lost Word tier list are ranked in five tiers, from Tier 1 to Tier 5. Tier 1 characters in Touhou Lost Word are the strongest, while Tier 5 characters are the weakest.

CharectorsTier List
Suika IbukiTier 1
Marisa KirisameTier 1
Reimu HakureiTier 2
Youmu KonpakuTier 2
Medicine MelancholyTier 2
Yuyuko SaigyoujiTier 2
Ran YakumoTier 2
Remilia ScarletTier 2
Alice MargatroidTier 3(Not good in PvE/Farm)
Yukari YakumoTier 3(Not good in PvE/Farm)
Kasen IbarakiTier 2.5(Good One)
Fujiwara No MokouTier 4
Patchouli KnowledgeTier 4
Reisen Udongein InabaTier 4
CirnoTier 4
Sanae KochiyaTier 4
ChenTier 4
Luna ChildTier 4
Flandre ScarletTier 4
Marisa KirisameTier 5
Sakuya IzayoiTier 5
Lily WhiteTier 5
DaiyouseiTier 5
Nitori KawashiroTier 5
Sunny MilkTier 5
Star SapphireTier 5
Byakuren HijiriTier 5
Hong MeilingTier 5

Touhou Lost Word Tier List JP: S+ Tier Characters

CharectorsTier List
Yuuka– S+ Tier
Tenshi– S+ Tier
Toyohime– S+ Tier
Tewi– S+ Tier
Marisa(S. Dream) – S+ Tier
Youmu(S. Saint) – S+ Tier
Suika– S+ Tier
Sagume– S+ Tier

Tier List JP: S Tier Characters

CharectorsTier List
AunnS Tier
RemiliaS Tier
DoremyS Tier
MurasaS Tier
YuyukoS Tier
RanS Tier
KoakumaS Tier
YoumuS Tier
HatateS Tier
ShouS Tier
KaguyaS Tier
KosuzuS Tier
ReimuS Tier
YorihimeS Tier
MedicineS Tier
ShionS Tier

Tier List, JP: A Tier Characters

CharectorsTier List
MerlinA Tier
SeigaA Tier
KokoroA Tier
MamizouA Tier
LyricaA Tier
SuwakoA Tier
EirinA Tier
KoishiA Tier
YuugiA Tier
RumiaA Tier
MokouA Tier
ChenA Tier
FlandreA Tier
ShizuhaA Tier
YatsuhashiA Tier
AliceA Tier
BenbenA Tier
MinorikoA Tier
LunasaA Tier

Tier List JP: B Tier Characters

CharectorsTier List
PatchouliB Tier
HinaB Tier
KogasaB Tier
Luna ChildB Tier
SanaeB Tier
SatoriB Tier
KanakoB Tier
MomijiB Tier
ByakurenB Tier
ReisenB Tier
Lily WhiteB Tier
CirnoB Tier
KasenB Tier
KomachiB Tier
AyaB Tier
RingoB Tier
AkyuuB Tier
YukariB Tier

Tier List JP: C Tier Characters

CharectorsTier List
JoonC Tier
MarisaC Tier
SakuyaC Tier
NemunoC Tier
Star SapphireC Tier
ClownpieceC Tier
Sunny MilkC Tier
MeilingC Tier
SeiranC Tier
NitoriC Tier
Rei’SenC Tier
DaiyaouseiC Tier

How to Easily Rerol Touhou Lost Words?

If you’re a seasoned gacha player, you’ll be familiar with the concept of replaying. However, for rerolls who are new to gacha games, rerolling simply entails creating a new account and recycling the resources available at the start of the game to obtain the desired characters.

The good news is that Touhou Lost Word is known for making the replay process easier than most gacha games because all units have the same rate and there is no rarity factor. All of the characters in the pool have the same chance of being summoned by you!

When you first start Touhou Lost Word, you are automatically given a forced roll of 10 as a preset Tutorial Roll. Simply roll again if you don’t get the unit you desire this time. To play again, you only need to do the following, depending on the device you’re using.

For Android users, Touhou Lost Word Reroll

  • To begin, go to your Android’s home screen and press and hold the Touhou Lost Word icon.
  • Information about the app may be found by clicking on it.
  • Return to the game and complete the tutorial to quickly reroll by pressing storage and then clearing the data.

For iOS Users, Touhou Lost Word Reroll

  • First, uninstall Touhou Lost Word Game
  • Then reinstall it.
  • Finally, complete the tutorial and reroll.


The entire method of “Touhou Lost Word Tier List” commands has been provided above so that you can better understand the topic. Please leave a comment below if you have any issues with the post, and we will try our best to assist you.

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