Sorbet shark Cookie Toppings: Cookie Run Kingdom

Sorbet shark cookie toppings: Toppings are used on cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom to offer them a specific boost in terms of attack, defence, health, and so on. A cookie can have up to four toppings at once. Bouncy Caramel, Fresh Kiwi, Hard Walnut, Healthy Peanut, Hearty Hazelnut, Juicy Apple Jelly, Searing Raspberry, Solid Almond, Sweet Candy, and Swift Chocolate are the ten toppings currently available in the game.

Sorbet Shark Cookie is an epic rarity cookie that belongs to the Ambush class and is prioritised in the Middle by default. Swift Chocolate and Searing Raspberry are the best toppings for Sorbet Shark Cookies. This article explains why the Sorbet Shark Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom should be combined with these toppings.

Toppings for Sorbet Shark Cookies: The Backstory

Once upon a time, in the deep blue water, there lived a shark. This observant swimmer would frequently rise to observe the pirates’ parties on their ships. The shark desired to be a part of these celebrations with the cookies, but they constantly shied away.

Sorbet shark cookie toppings: Cookie Run Kingdom

The shark, saddened, vanished for a long time into the sea. Until, all of a sudden, Sorbet Shark Cookie appeared from the depths! This cookie isn’t the fastest runner, can only utter bubbly noises instead of words, and gets soaked in the water like the rest of us. Despite this, Sorbet Shark Cookie always has a bright smile on his face! After all, the globe above the sea is huge, and there are several sights to behold!

Sorbet Shark Cookie Toppings Build

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the best Sorbet Shark Cookie Toppings build set is X5 Searing Raspberry, which is a full ATK/DMG build that will help you receive higher DMG output from Sorbet Shark cookies. Sorbet Shark Cookie Toppings is an alternative Sorbet Shark Cookie Toppings build set that reduces the cooldown for Sorbet Shark Cookie’s skill, allowing you to use it more quickly during battle. For the Sorbet Shark Cookie, we propose using the X5 Searing Raspberry topping set.

  • Sorbet Shark Cookie build for toppings;
  • X5 Swift Chocolate to reduce CD
    X5 Searing Raspberry (Full ATK/DMG)

Skill Info

Sorbet Shark Cookie transforms into a shark and attacks non-friendly units on the front lines, doing AoE damage. Additional DMG is dealt to the x2 enemies with the greatest max HP within the AoE impact of the skill (excluding summoned foes). The increased ATK will be dealt as actual DMG proportionate to the enemy’s Max HP for non-friendly units that are cookies, but it cannot exceed 300,000. The increased damage will be ordinary damage for other nonfriendly units, such as foes.

  • 17 second base CD
  • Single hit DMG: 128.1 %
  • DMG relative to Max HP (Cookies): 18.0 % (+0.2% per level)
  • Single Hit DMG (Others): (+5.1-5.2% per level)
  • True Damage Description: True Damage ignores the opponent’s DEF and DMG Resist.

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