Where Can I Find Almond Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Almond cookie cookie run One of the most attractive cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom is the almond cookie (CRK). It shows an elderly gentleman clothed in a brown long coat and a suit. He is a member of the Epic class and is positioned in the game’s back row. It’s very good with the quick chocolate as a topping.

It’s just as easy to get this attractive cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom as it is to get any other cookie, but it’s only available once you’ve completed level 5.If you want to bring this detective cookie on board because of his good looks and abilities, here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you!

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Where Can I Find Almond Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom?

An almond cookie will be automatically available in the draw after you reach level 5 in the Cookie Run kingdom. You can try your luck in the game’s regular traditional gacha draw and see if you can get this cookie. In CRK, players have a very slim chance of acquiring almond cookies. Nonetheless, we applaud your perseverance in retaining faith and trying till you achieve it.

In CRK, each draw needs 300 crystals, so be sure you have enough crystals to play numerous rounds before attempting a cookie draw. Participating in battles and offering your best performance will earn you crystals. Take part in as many battles as possible, collect crystals, and enjoy painting various cookies in the game.

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Almond Cookie Benefits:

The Magical Almond Handcuff that comes with the Almond Cookie can be quite useful to all of the participants. The magical handcuff has incredible abilities to track down and capture adversaries with the fewest HP. It focuses on your weakest foe and prevents them from hitting you.

It’s an amazing cookie that’s used in battles alongside the other two front-ranking cookies (such as Dark Choco Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie) to maximize its advantage in the game.

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