Where Can I Find Almond cookie cookie run Kingdom?

Almond Cookie Cookie Run The almond cookie (CRK) is one of the most eye-catching treats in Cookie Run Kingdom. It shows an old guy in a brown long coat and Epic class suit seated in the game’s back row. We suggest trying this delicious treat with some quick chocolate for extra flavor!

Gaining this gorgeous cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom is just as straightforward as any other, but only available after reaching level 5. Here’s a guide to hiring this detective cookie for his looks and skills!

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Where Can I Find Almond Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom?

After reaching level 5 in Cookie Run Kingdom, an almond cookie will be automatically available in the draw. You may also try your luck at the traditional gacha draw to see if you can score this treat; however, chances of getting one are extremely slim. Nonetheless, we commend your perseverance in keeping faith and trying until success comes your way!

In CRK, each draw requires 300 crystals – so make sure you have enough for multiple rounds before trying a cookie draw. Participating in battles and providing your best performance will earn you crystals. So why not take part in as many battles as possible, collect those precious crystals, and enjoy painting various cookies throughout the game?

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Almond Cookie Benefits:

The Magical Almond Handcuff that comes with the Almond Cookie can be incredibly beneficial to all participants. This magical object has incredible abilities to locate and capture adversaries with low HP, focussing on your weakest foe and shielding you from their attacks.

It is an impressive cookie, often used alongside Dark Choco Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie to maximize its advantages in battles.

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