Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom

Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings: One of the five Ancient Hero Cookies you can get in the game is the Pure Vanilla Cookie. In fact, this Cookie is the leader of the Ancient Heroes and was once the king of the Vanilla Kingdom. This is one of the best Cookies for Healing that you can get in Cookie Run: Kingdom. His place is at the back of the line. Players in CRK will want to get their hands on this powerful Cookie. Let’s find out what the best Pure Vanilla Cookie toppings build is and how to get this Cookie in the game.

Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings

To complement a Pure Vanilla Cookie, I recommend either X5 Swift Chocolate or X5 Solid Almonds. To get the best of both worlds, players can combine the two toppings by ordering X3 Swift Choco and x2 Solid Almond.

The Pure Vanilla Cookie’s Skill cooldown is shortened by the Swift Chocolate, and the Solid Almond gives DMG resistance. The goal is to have this Cookie stay in fight for as long as possible, so both of these benefits would help. Therefore, you may want to try a combination of Swift Chocolate and Solid Almonds.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, where can I find the Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings?

Getting a Vanilla Cookie from a Featured Cookie Gacha is a long shot, with a probability of 0.054 percent. Normal Cookie Gacha has the same odds. For this reason, gathering the Cookie’s Soulstones is the most reliable method of acquiring Pure Vanilla Cookie.

The Cookie gacha method is how players can obtain Soulstones. They are also for sale in the Arena Battle Shop if any players are interested. In order to obtain the Pure Vanilla Cookie, players must amass 20 of their Soulstones. In the Cookies menu, players can purchase a Pure Vanilla Cookie with a certain number of Soulstones.

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