A Structure Comprised of Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Our Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings construct is comprised of the finest toppings available to complement Pure Vanilla Cookie. Continue reading for more information on the Pure Vanilla Cookie Build for Toppings!

In Cookie Run Kingdom, the ideal build for Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings would be either X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings or X5 Solid Almonds. Both toppings are swift and chocolaty. The Swift Chocolate Toppings build reduces time required to activate an ability unlocked by Pure Vanilla Cookie’s build, while X5 Solid Almonds provides increased durability on battlefield. If you want to take advantage of healing talent more quickly, go with a build that contains full CDs or try mixing three servings of quick chocolate and two portions of solid almond.

A Structure Comprised of Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings Build

His Vanilla Orchid Staff illuminates the battlefield, replenishing health and providing shields that absorb damage in proportion to their current health.

Lost Kingdom loading screen

Pure Vanilla Cookie has proven himself a wise, kind, and all-loving monarch who sincerely loves his people and kingdom and receives their adoration in return. Furthermore, his subjects hold him up as an example for many admirable qualities – despite his considerable magical power he never uses it for himself but rather helps others. Thus, many in society revere him.

Even in the face of his perceived ultimate adversary Dark Enchantress Cookie, he displays selflessness and attempts to influence her decision despite knowing that she has already made up her mind.

He never fails to try his best to help her and remains puzzled as to why she chose such a destructive path. Despite this, he remains determined to stop any additional atrocities from being committed against him, even going so far as to attempt imprisoning her during the Dark Flour War despite potential risks to himself.

Episode 9 provides some insight into the man behind the mask of messianic appearance. After their battle, it appeared as if he was struggling with some kind of inferiority complex. He constantly put himself down for not ending the Dark Flour War and experienced a nervous breakdown when trapped in an illusion by followers of Dark Enchantress Cookie. Having placed so much trust and affection into him, he felt even more responsible for their safety when he let them down.

Cooldown and the second CD from X19

  • Healing: 99.4 percent of attack power (plus an additional 1.5 percent of attack power for each level).
  • Shield: absorbs twenty percent of maximum health for three seconds.
  • The Story Behind the Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings

Earthbread’s Pure Vanilla Cookie was an inspiring symbol of hope and loyalty, born from cream blessed by nature and infused with the sweet aroma of vanilla bean. He sought to forgive those responsible for wrongdoing while healing both cookies and animals’ wounds.

Even though Pure Vanilla Cookie was an expert magician, he never cast spells for his personal gain; rather, he did so to benefit others. On their journey down the Sugar-Free Road, the Cookie encountered difficult trials but emerged shining with a brilliant halo of light and established the Vanilla Kingdom – a haven of liberty and education as well as an oasis for those searching for love and peace.

Pure Vanilla Cookie never abandoned his friends, remaining by their sides until the bitter end and guarding against evil with a cheerful grin.

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