A Structure Comprised of Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Our Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings construct is comprised of the finest toppings available to complement Pure Vanilla Cookie. Continue reading for more information on the Pure Vanilla Cookie Build for Toppings!

X5 Quick Chocolate or X5 Solid Almonds to lower CD

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the optimal build for Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings would be either X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings or X5 Solid Almonds. Both of these toppings are swift and chocolatey. The Swift Chocolate Toppings build reduces the amount of time needed to reactivate the ability that was unlocked by the Pure Vanilla Cookie build. Pure Vanilla Cookie is able to hold his own on the battlefield because to the increased durability afforded to him by the X5 Solid Almond build. If you want to utilise the healing talent more quickly, you may go for a build that has full CDs. Alternately, you might try a blend that consists of three servings of quick chocolate and two servings of solid almond.

A Structure Comprised of Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Skill Information for the Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings Build

Illuminates the battlefield with his Vanilla Orchid Staff, restoring the party’s health and protecting them with shields that absorb damage in proportion to their current health.

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Pure Vanilla Cookie demonstrates that he is a wise, kind, and all-loving monarch who sincerely loves his people and kingdom and is adored for it in return. In addition, Pure Vanilla Cookie is loved by his subjects. He is held up as a model for a great many admirable qualities. In spite of his considerable magical power, he never uses it for himself but rather to assist other people. As a result, he has earned the respect of a great number of people.

Even in the direction of his purported ultimate adversary Dark Enchantress Cookie, he maintains his selflessness and makes an attempt to sway her opinion despite the fact that she has already made up her mind.

He never stops trying to help her and is still perplexed as to why she continued down the destructive road that she had previously chosen. At this, he does not shy away from conflict and makes it his mission to stop her from committing any additional atrocities, going so far as to try to imprison her during the Dark Flour War despite the risk to his own life.

The psyche that lies underneath the messianic appearance is somewhat revealed in Episode 9. After the battle, it looked as if he was suffering from some kind of inferiority issue. He constantly put himself down for his inability to put an end to the Dark Flour War, and he had a nervous breakdown when he was trapped in a dark illusion by the followers of Dark Enchantress Cookie. The affection and confidence that his subjects placed in him made him feel much more responsible for their safety when he let them down.

Cooldown and the second CD from X19

  • Healing: 99.4 percent of attack power (plus an additional 1.5 percent of attack power for each level).
  • Shield: absorbs twenty percent of maximum health for three seconds.
  • The Story Behind the Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings

On Earthbread, there are not many Cookies like Pure Vanilla Cookie that are able to instil optimism in their audience. He was the perfect embodiment of Cookie’s unwavering goodness and unwavering loyalty. He was born from cream that had been blessed by nature and a fragrant vanilla bean. Pure Vanilla Cookie made an effort to forgive the perpetrator of the wrongdoing and to heal the wounds of both the cookies and the animals.

Even though he was a skilled user of magic, he would never cast a spell for his personal benefit; rather, he would do it for the benefit of others. The Cookie went on a difficult journey down the Sugar-Free Road. It is unclear what Pure Vanilla Cookie learnt during the Trials, but once he emerged from them adorned with a brilliant halo of light, he established the Vanilla Kingdom, which is a place of liberty and education as well as a guidepost for people who are looking for love and peace.

Pure Vanilla Cookie never abandoned his companions, staying by their sides till the very end and fending off the evil with a warm grin.

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