Constructing a Licorice Cookie Dough Tower ( Run Kingdom)

The construct of our Licorice Cookie Toppings consists of the finest toppings available for Licorice Cookie. Continue reading to learn how to build a licorice cookie with toppings!

X5 Raspberry Fire-Roasted Topping Chocolate Topping X5 Quick Swift (Recommend)

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the two best Licorice Cookie Toppings build sets would be X5 Swift Chocolate/CD Topping Build, which reduces the amount of time it takes for Licorice’s abilities to cool down. The X5 Searing Raspberry topping build is an option that may be used for the Licoricecookie. This build enhances the amount of damage that can be inflicted by the Licoricecookie while it is active in combat. Both versions of the topping are delicious with the licoricecookie. The CD/Swift Choco build is highly recommended by our team.

Build Your Own Licorice Cookie with These Toppings!

The greatest Licorice Cookie Toppings may be found in our Licorice Cookie Toppings building. To learn how to make licorice cookie toppings, keep reading!

  • Constructing a LicoriceCookie Dough Tower
  • Topped with a LicoriceCookie
  • X5 Raspberry Topping Seared in a Pan
  • Chocolate X5 Swift Topping (Recommend)

The X5 Swift Chocolate/CD Topping Build, which reduces Licorice’s cooldown, is one of the two finest Licorice Cookie Toppings build sets in the Cookie Run Kingdom. X5 Searing Raspberry is an alternate Lic Cea cookie topping construct that enhances Lic Cea cookie’s combat DMG. The Lic cea Cookie is a suitable candidate for both of these toppings. The CD/Swift Choco build is the one we suggest the most.

Constructing a Licorice Cookie Dough Tower (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Cookie Toppings: Skill Information for the Licorice Build

To summon Black Lightning and Licorice Servants, Lic Cookie invokes her powers. Shortly, the party’s defense is boosted by the strong spell.

While Lic orice Cookie is a capable primary DPS, he’s usually assigned to groups that prioritise durability over damage output. “Licorice Servants” calls six servants to the battlefield who assault and inflict damage on the opponent lines.

LicoriceCookie’s survival is a certain conclusion since he is safe in either the Mid or Rear positions while his subordinates engage in combat. This means that in order to get the most out of him, he should concentrate on strengthening his other numbers, such as his DMG or cooldown.

It wasn’t uncommon for players to use a complete Swift Chocolate build after he received his bonus in Kingdom Arena.

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Bases loaded, X14

  • Amount of damage dealt: 239,0% (+3,3% DMG for each additional level)
  • DEF increased by 20.0 percent within the course of 7.0 seconds.
  • Summons 3 percent ATK, 150 percent DEF, and 50 percent HP Licorice Servants for 7.0 seconds.

Cookie Run: Kingdom pits Swift Chocolate against Searing Raspberry for the Licorice Cookie.

In CookieRun: Kingdom, the default configuration for Licorice is the Swift Chocolate build. The cooldown of Epic Cookie Swift Chocolate is reduced from 14 seconds to 11 seconds if all of the build’s toppings are Epic Cookie Swift Chocolate.

To lower Licorice’s 14 second base to 12 seconds, players may enhance his ATK before adding these toppings. These additional toppings might reduce it to a maximum of ten.

The use of Searing Raspberry toppings to improve Licorice’s DMG rating is another recently popular construct. Even if players have access to levels 10-1 and beyond, it is difficult to obtain searing raspberry toppings.

The Story of Licorice Cookie Toppings

As shown by his use of the darkest licorice essence in his dough as well as his very realistic-looking scimitar, Cookie is up to something sinister. Even at an early age, Li Corice Cookie dreamt of being an accomplished magician, but was never recognized for it.

In the end, he resorted to the black arts. To help him carry out his schemes, Lic Cookie amassed a tiny army of Chewy Licorice Servant soldiers. Cookie, the Dark Enchantress, met him on his twisted road. Astonished by the sorcerer’s power, Lic când Cookie pledged his loyalty to her.

As a result, the Cookie has stepped up his efforts to win over his new mistress. Cookie the Dark Enchantress is not a happy person, as seen by Lic orice Cookie’s journal, which is jam-packed with rants and complains.

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