All about Moon Rabbit Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Moon Rabbit Cookie: With the release of a new update, the Cookie Run Kingdom developers have added yet another cookie to their repertoire. Anyone who has played the Cookie Run franchise will be familiar with the game’s ever-growing collection of cookies, precious prizes, and freebies.

A new cookie was added to the collection with the release of Moon Rabbit Cookie in the second section of the Heart of Courage and Passion update.

Toppings for Moon Rabbit Cookies: A Tale

Moon Rabbit Cookie build for toppings;

  • X5 Solid Almond Topping(Recommended)
  • X3 Swift Choco + X2 Solid Almond OR X3 Solid Almond + X2 Swift Chocolate 
  • X5 Swift Choco

The Moon Rabbit Cookie was baked with fresh rice collected from the Cookie World’s joyful soils. Sweet rice cakes are always stuffed into Cookie’s plump cheeks. And, while some may find it endearing, her need for more rice cakes may be one of the universe’s most powerful forces.

Moon Rabbit Cookie

That desire can get so powerful that she transforms into a big rice cake bunny, and you’d better stay away because she’s about to unleash SWEET HAVOC. A brave bunch of cookies once attempted to restrain the gigantic Rice Cake Bunny by clutching each other’s hands and forming a circle around her. The Cookies have been holding hands and going around in circles under the full moon ever since.

Moon Rabbit Cookie: Skill

At predetermined periods, the skill transforms into a Rice Cake Bunny. Basic Jellies are transformed into Honey Rice Cake Jellies by the Rice Cake Bunny. She then changes into an invincible Giant Rice Cake Bunny who blasts through obstacles when a set amount of time has passed. She grows in size as she swallows more jellies. Level Up increases the frequency of transformations.


Because Moon Rabbit Cookie earns the majority of her points on her own, the best strategy is to ensure that she gets bounced as much as possible while in her Giant Rice Cake Bunny form. It will usually make more jelly by single jumping, landing, and single jumping until the ability is exhausted. Keep in mind that Moon Rabbit Cookie cannot fall into holes at this time, so falling from single hops should not be a concern.

Though she can destroy obstacles while using her ability, using destruction-based treasures with her is generally not recommended because of the amount of time she spends outside of it. Treasures that award points in their own time will benefit her the most.

Her own pet, Moon Mortar, is often helpful to her, as it can heal her and provide a considerable amount of extra points for Honey Rice Cake Jellies thanks to the Combi bonus.


  • Moon Rabbit Cookie’s favourite rice cakes are soft Korean tteok (or) rice cakes.
  • Songpyeon is the type of tteok she consumes on a regular basis.
  • Out of all the cookies so far, this one has the most animation frames.
  • This Cookie is dressed in a traditional Korean hanbok for a child, making her the third Cookie to do so. Kumiho Cookie and Pancake Cookie are the other cookies who wear hanboks.
  • This cookie is inspired by the Moon Rabbit tradition and is most likely in honour of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chuseok, which is celebrated throughout East Asia.
  • The Moon Rabbit Cookie evolves into a soft, flexible figure because of the Moon Rabbit’s pounding tteok in the Korean version of the Moon Rabbit mythology.
  • She is the only cookie who never stops eating.
  • Her speech is slurred, most likely due to the fact that her mouth is full.
  • According to the MoonWunch event, Moon Rabbit Cookie enjoys the colour pink.
  • “Wif if it was yummy too!” said Moon Rabbit Cookie in reaction to the 2nd Anniversary Cake.
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie can be seen ordering rice cake sandwiches in Sandwich Cookie’s talent. Sandwich Cookie’s Relationship Chart also states that she is a regular who always orders this.



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