SUS candy :Among Us Tie-In Allows You To Have Your Cake

Are you a fan of the beloved internet game Among Us and do you appreciate delectable things? Well, SUS candy, the newest tie-in candy to this beloved franchise, allows you to combine both interests. Not only is it delicious and visually stunning, but its history and how-to acquisition will all be explored in this piece.

Bring Your Cake to SUS Candy!

Long ago! “Among Us,” made by the same shop as cakes, is now our go-to cake substitute. True!

SUS candy :Among Us Tie-In Allows You To Have Your Cake

This chocolate cake pays homage to the iconic figure with ganache, whipped cream and choco crunch balls. Tous Les Jours offers it for purchase.

“Working with TOUS les JOURS to bring deliciousness into our neighborhoods is truly exciting for us! What better way to commemorate an occasion or just treat yourself pleasantly than by buying some cake in stores across the nation!”

  • Victoria Tran, Community Director at Innersloth

What is SUS Candy?

SUS confectionery takes inspiration from the popular online game Among Us, using its colloquial term of “Suspicious.” Made with high-quality components in various flavors like strawberry, grape, raspberry and apple, SUS treats will please even your pickiest palates.

The History of SUS Candy

SUS candy was created in 2021 by a group of Among Us fans to spread their enthusiasm for the game. When it first debuted, 2021, SUS candy quickly gained popularity within the gaming community. Its makers wanted to create something that not only tasted delicious but also captured the spirit of Among Us itself.

The flavors of SUS candy

SUS Candy offers four distinct flavors, each with its own vibrant color and taste. Strawberry is pink, grape is purple, blueberry is blue and apple is green – each offering a tantalizing bite that’ll have you craving more. Each one will leave you wanting more!

The design of SUS candy

SUSCandy has a unique design that sets it apart from other candies. Each piece of candy has a pattern on it that resembles the crewmate and impostor characters from the game. The design is colorful and eye-catching, making it a perfect addition to any Among Us-themed party.

How to get SUS Candy

SUSCandy can be purchased online on various websites or in some specialty candy stores. Each candy comes packaged in an attractive and colorful box that makes it easy to spot.

Popularity of SUS candy

SUS candy has become a worldwide sensation among gamers, particularly Among Us fans. Its eye-catching design and delicious taste have won over admirers of all ages. Furthermore, pictures of SUSCandy have been shared on social media platforms like Pinterest – Many people proudly display them in their feeds!

How to use SUSCandy in Us-themed parties

SUS candy is the ideal addition to any Among Us-themed party. Not only can you use it as decoration or party favor for guests, but you could also incorporate it into games by giving away SUSCandy as prizes to the winners.

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