SUS candy :Among Us Tie-In Allows You To Have Your Cake

SUS candy :”The Latest Among Us The Tie-In Allows You To Have Your Cake And Murder It, Too! When was the last time you saw a cake-themed trend? You’d watch a video of someone’s dog on Twitter, and then someone would stab it with a knife. It was just a piece of cake. You may go up at your mom’s home on Mother’s Day to discover that a prankster pastry chef had swapped her out for a piece of cake as a joke. It was an absolute nightmare! You had lost all faith in anybody!

SUS candy :Among Us Tie-In Allows You To Have Your Cake

That was a long time. Our new cake alternative is an imposter called the “Among Us,” which is produced by the same bakery that sells cakes. Yes, Sus is correct!

SUS candy :Among Us Tie-In Allows You To Have Your Cake

It is a chocolate cake filled with ganache, whipped cream, and choco crunch balls, and it is topped with a crimson glaze to represent the legendary character from the Among Us series. The cake is sold by Tous Les Jours, a French-Asian bakery with locations across Asia and more than 70 in the United States.

“The prospect of working with TOUS les JOURS to produce a delectable event for our neighbourhoods is really exciting to us. Fun way to mark a particular event or even simply to gift yourself to something nice! To witness the smiles on people’s cheeks when they see the cake in shops around the nation excites us.”

  • Victoria Tran, Community Director at Innersloth

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