Illusion Connect Tier list: Latest Update April 2024

Illusion Connect tier list: Looking for an Illusion Connect hero tier list to help you pick the best characters for your playstyle in 2024? Check out the complete tier list below to learn everything you need to know to make the best decisions.

Illusion Connect has a real-time strategy (RTS) layout with a lot of social interaction. However, with so many characters to pick from, putting together your fighting teams with the strongest heroes might be difficult.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a detailed hero tier list for all of Illusion Connect’s sides, so let’s jump right in and see all you need to know about this RTS game.

Illusion Connect tier list

In Illusion Connect, each character is assigned to a faction, and each faction specializes in a specific set of combat tasks.

Illusion Connect tier list

Because there are seven separate factions in the game, it’s critical that you understand what each one does. All of the factions in Illusion Connect are listed below:

  1. Heal
  2. Spell
  3. Light
  4. Summon
  5. Attack
  6. Sorcerer
  7. Guardian

Factions in Illusion Connect Tier List Follows:

1. Heal

Although there aren’t many healers in the game, the creators have lately launched a few new heroes in this category. These heroes, as their name implies, are capable of healing their comrades in battle and can have a huge impact in a variety of situations.

AHank, Meck, Ming
BCampanella, Anna, Diana, Emilia, Bonnie
CShane, Diamond, Junko Konno, Jason
DJasmine, Lily, Polly

2. Spell

In Illusion Connect, spell characters from the Spell faction are excellent at crowd-controlling foes. While these heroes aren’t particularly good at inflicting damage, their capacity to cause negative status ailments can be extremely useful in battle.

AMiyuki, Seeger
BSophie, Ginny
CRikia, Astaroth, Sakura Minamoto
DBeatrice, Nanalie

3. Light

Light heroes are one of the most versatile factions in Illusion Connect, and they can fit into almost any squad. These heroes don’t have much of an impact on their own, but they are fantastic at buffing other heroes. Light heroes will have you covered during those tough battles, whether it’s invulnerability or combat bonuses.

APhoebe, Vivian
BIon, Agnis, Charlotte, Amon, Yoki
CEileen, Cubie, Averyl, Brooke, Kristine, Jane
DAlice, Okuni, Rynda, Harto

4. Summon

When united with the correct team, Summon Heroes are capable of summoning other troops into battle, which can be highly devastating. It’s worth noting, though, that these characters are not only difficult to master, but they’re also very ineffective in PVE games. Having said that, the Summon faction’s true strength is in PVP modes, when sheer numbers can be used to force successful clashes.

AChiyo, Annis Dora, Ashwaya
BHersey, Gagaku, Sonia
CThe Enforcers, Rubi, Senkikumaru
DAnn, Frantiva, Flora

5. Attack

These are the heroes you should use to inflict enormous damage on your opponents. Attack faction characters can fill their rage metre faster than other factions, allowing them to cast their distinctive abilities and skills in rapid succession.

AKasumi, Rie, Saya, Kichou, Rem, Hersey
BGemmy, Maki, Kong Xinyuan, Kanata
CAsque, Muneharu, Yume, Graye, Haruka, Ophelia, Edward, Pan, Gigi
DAbby, Lunar, Mei, Mia, Carol, Penny

6. Sorcerer

Sorcerer Until recently, the Sorcerers were one of the most powerful groups in Illusion Connect. Despite the fact that most Attack and Light faction heroes dislike sorcerers, there are still times when their spells can be quite important in determining the outcome of a match.

ABeatrice, Nicola, Rikia
BTwin Flora, Chaturaji, Heidi, Fenebeth, Hachi Shiki, Rotania, Yuffie
CRam, Nefir, Nina, Natata, Elena, Rie
DMavis, Chiyo, Mary, Emma, Ai Mizuno, Tiffany

7. Guardians

Guardians are often the first line of defence for any squad they are a part of. These heroes work well with characters from the Light faction and can be game-changers in some battles due to their potential to become almost unkillable.

AAngela, Kiraya, Selena
BSakai, Barinas, Camilie, Grant
CVictoria, Annie, Berial, Domessa, Sachiko, Shanti
DYasmine, Ludwig, Loro, Bontenmaru

The heroes in the A and B levels are the ones you should be trying to include in your combat group. It’s crucial, however, to make sure you’ve chosen the right faction of heroes for the journey you’re about to go on.


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